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  1. Honchkrow - The Don

    Another thing about Honchkrow is that it is extremely hard to revenge kill thanks to Sucker Punch. In my opinion it's broken as hell with Brave Bird in it's fantastic movepool (which was great beforehand).
  2. Team System! (OU)

    Hi. I like your team, but you have some very serious problems with Mamoswine. Mamo is a huge problem simply because of it's Ice Shard, which can give half of your team a beatdown. Earthquake deals with Heatran and Electivire, and Gyarados won't like a Stone Edge especially if your opponent...
  3. A Forgotten Threat - Ho-oh Discussion

    Who on earth would switch Lucario into Ho-oh directly? Jibaku, your Ho-oh set looks excellent, looking forward to testing that! Nice thread!
  4. Mushroom Warfare (OU Warstory)

    Excellent warstory. The ending was exhilerating, the comments were excellent and the format was great. 9/10

    You following me cameraguy?
  6. CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 13b - Attacking Moves Poll

    U-Turn Drill Peck Overheat Fire Blast Ice Fang Hydro Pump Zen Headbutt
  7. Synergy , Synergy , and yet again , Synergy.

    I am going to make this clear: your entire team is a bunch of gimmicks. I mean, who on earth uses max defense on Latias? I am just going to go down that post you made earlier. Most Azelf don't run Taunt with Fire Blast. Psychic is the move of choice on Azelf leads. what? Most Tyranitar...
  8. New and 'creative' moveset/EV spread thread Mk. 5

    I didn't get any responses for this set, so I will repost it.
  9. New and "creative" moveset/EV spread thread. Mk. 4

    I Have been using this for a few weeks, and I think it deserves a post here. It's been extremely useful, so let's take a look, shall we? Set name: Crippler Gengar Gengar@ Choice Scarf Levitate Timid 4 HP/252 SpA/Spe (still working on an EV spread) ~Trick ~Taunt ~Will-o-Wisp/Thunder...
  10. TEAM CRACK: hXc pkmn OU uturn team sort of.

    Hi, I would consider changing Forretress's moveset. Forry really does not need the heavy defensive investment you gave him, so I would suggest using this: Forretress's@ Shed Shell Sturdy Careful 252 HP/4 Def/252 SpD ~Payback ~Stealth Rock ~Rapid Spin ~Earthquake/Reflect/Explosion...
  11. Aggron: No longer the retarded child of Rhydon and Registeel

    Well, new analyses are being allowed into C&C. Anyone going to do an analysis for Aggron? By the end of the month I plan to get SubLiechi posted after I do further testing and gather logs, etc. CB is probably going to be the most discussed though.
  12. Suspect Test Process Stage Three - Version 2.0!

    I laddered for about fifteen matches today, and, I must say, Garchomp was in every single one of them. I faced a Manaphy once. Most of them we're Choiced, yet I saw a couple of SD Chomps in the mix. People are getting clever and using strategies like DD Mence + Mamoswine or DD Mence + Scarf...
  13. Community Create-A-Team #2: Aggron (OU)

    Way to point out the obvious. Considering that Ttar is still extremely popular despite Bullet Punch, I like to think that I am going to see ttar a lot. I believe Ttar is a huge threat, if not the biggest. I think we should prepare for it, as it basically tears through all the Pokemon we...
  14. Community Create-A-Team #2: Aggron (OU)

    If we need a counter to DDtar and Mence, why not use Swampert? Considering Ttar brings sandstorm into play then we really don't need to use Hippo.
  15. Community Create-A-Team #2: Aggron (OU)

    Jesus Christ, you guys are fucking up the whole CCAT. Everyone calm down and make some valid arguments. We are talking about team options not weather we should use Toxic over Ice Punch(wtf?). I think we should really, really consider Celebi. It can spread paralysis to open up a possible sweep...
  16. New UU List (October 2009)

    Well now I got to change my UU team(s)! Interesting to see Porygon2 leave, it worked very, very well in OU as Mence/Gyara counter.
  17. Are unorthodox items viable?

    I think he wants to survive Sesimic Tosses, however, if I remember correctly, Type resistant berries do not have any effect on Seismic Toss.
  18. Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - September 2009

    6 | Smeargle | 28640 | 3.72 Damn, Smeargle is the sixth most popular lead. It's moving up pretty fast. 85 | Aggron | 9144 | 1.19 | | 86 And look at Aggron go!
  19. Community Create-A-Team #2: Aggron (OU)

    I agree, and instead of choosing a Pokemon randomly for the next CCAT, I believe we should have a vote beforehand. For instance, instead of picking Heracross out of the blue (although there was some other thread about it), we should have had a poll between Heracross, other Pokemon, other...
  20. Community Create-A-Team #2: Aggron (OU)

    I agree with you, and U-Turn really does take it's toll. However, one must remember that Scizor's "counters" such as Zapdos and Skarmory can simply Roost of any damage they take in the process, so it's an uphill battle for Scizor most of the time. And Rotom is bulky enough to easily take a...