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  1. The Round Table

    Ummmm... bump. EDIT: It appears I have a slight Heliolisk Problem.
  2. Only team that I use.

    Hi there and welcome to Smogon. This is a pretty cool team you've got there. I really like Tentacruel , but I feel its set could be improved upon. Tentacruel @ Assault Vest Calm Nature Liquid Oooze/Rain Dish EVs: 252 HP/ 248 Def/ 8 SDef -Toxic Spikes -Scald -Ice Beam -Rapid Spin This is a...
  3. 2nd RMT Post - Any critiques would be greatly appreciated

    Hi there. I think Rock Slide produces better coverage on Excadrill than Shadow Claw does. I also don't know why Excadrill's nature is hasty rather than adamant/jolly. Your whole team dies an unholy death to Azumarill. With that said, I'd recommend you replace Salamence with a mixed Kyurem...
  4. The Round Table

    Thanks for the reply. I switched Aegislash to the mixed set, and he is a lot more consistent. He's not sweeping teams, but he's never dead weight. I tried Shift Gear Genesect as a sweeper, and he is awesome. Any comments on the new team?
  5. The Round Table

    The Espeon idea is interesting, but he's not much of a wall and I don't know of any KOs that will prevent. Garchomp is disgusting; he doesn't need swords dance and fire blast hits normal switch ins like Skarmory and Ferrothorn. Thanks for the reply.
  6. All Hail Trick Room! (2000+)

    Hi. I'm not sure what to replace for it, but Heatran seems to be able to take out a good deal of your threat list. Stealth Rocks put Pinsir on a leash, and Lava Plume kills parts of the list. Heatran @ Leftovers 252 hp/240def/16SDef +Def, -Spe [Possibly 0 Speed IVs] -Lava Plume -Stealth Rock...
  7. Check out my Gen 6 OU RMT The Round Table

    Check out my Gen 6 OU RMT The Round Table
  8. The Round Table

    Wow... Noivern seems a little threatening. I need to get better at abusing Espeon to take care of whirlwind. I updated the OP with your suggestions. They have worked exceedingly well. EDIT: Exportable is in for those who are into that kind of stuff.
  9. The Round Table

    Thanks. I'll test Magic Coat.
  10. The Round Table

    I'll test LO. Would there be an offensive move or other edit to Smeargle to stop Thundurus?
  11. A Vortex of Fairies (Hyperoffense)

    Waterfall is a little redundant with +6 auqua jet. Superpower gives added coverage to threats like Ferrothorn. Azumarill is slow... ditch the speed for hp. It'll give it the bulk it needs to Belly Drum safer. Lastly, I'd recommend testing Stealth Rock over Toxic on Heatran. It'll give you...
  12. Shaded (1800+, Top 100, 60-10)

    I'd change timid to naive on Charizard. Thanks to Stealth Rock, it isn't notable durable anyway, and your earthquakes will be stronger (unless they OHKO bulky tran already).
  13. The Round Table

    I've actually swept quite a few teams with Aegislash. If it starts getting stifled, I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for the reply.
  14. The Round Table

    The Round Table Wow… it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here. Anyway… I’ve always liked playing more offensive teams, and this one is no exception. I knew my offensive play style was bolstered with the introduction of the latest entry hazard—sticky web. Starting from there, I...
  15. Official Smogon University Simulator Statistics — August 2012

    OU Suspect Yeahhhhhh Garchomp and Genesect 1 and 2.... Garchomp isn't broken without sand veil... hope it stays. UU Roserade is no longer #1 Raikou and Snorlax in top 10 Mienshao at 13 is cool As always, great job on the stats Antar(:
  16. Technical Support v2 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Operating System-Windows 7 Browser-Chrome-not known-think I've had browser since new year and haven't updated Started-Today Username-fatsnorlax Problem-ditto mew I was DCd yesterday, and didn't immediatly reconnect.... this problem has been plaguing me for the day...
  17. Smogon University PO Statistics — November 2011

    God.... I haven't played competitive Pokemon in a while, but I do enjoy stats. That being said, it's cool to see good ol' Scizor at #1 and Terrakion so high....
  18. Smogon University PO Statistics — October 2011

    Seems like things are a bit more stable in OU now... and Dragonite is the king....... interesting. Also, yay, Machamp is at #5 in UU
  19. Official(!) Smogon University PO Stats -- September 2011

    Comments on stats: Uber: -Kyogre is number one, not a surpirse. -Arceus broke into the top 5... we all know it deserves that. -Free set-up has surpassed Zekrom... OU: -Tyranitar is #1 -Rotom is till really high... -Dragonite enetered the top five, which is totally reasonable thanks to...
  20. (Un)Official Smogon University PO Stats -- August 2011

    I'm excited for the new stats too! (Just make sure gen 4 OU is in there lol). The tier changes will be cool too (get out of UU Mamoswine!).