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  1. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RUPL - Week 1

    Welcome to yet another edition of UNBIASED PREDICTIONS Magnanimous Mismagius (6) vs. Salacious Salazzles (2) SM: Robert Alfons vs yjh971203 | not entirely sure how good yjh, especially in RU, is so i'll trust the mainers bandwagon on this one I guess. SM: robjr vs passion | rob been takin...
  2. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RUPL Commencement

    vs. sheet doesnt lie lol.
  3. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RUPL Commencement

    YAHALLO FRIENDS! Welcome to another edition of the illustrious [VoD]Metabeast UNBIASED POWER RANKINGS im honestly too lazy to make a lineup for each team so we will just rank each roster as a whole. Escavaliers: This team is very...interesting to say the least? MrAldo seemed to be trying to...
  4. -Tsunami-

    Tournament OUPL V Player Signups

    Username: -Tsunami- Tiers played: GSC / BW / Thinking Gen Timezone: GMT-5 Availability: idk im crust bop
  5. -Tsunami-

    Tournament Monotype World Cup - Player Signups

    Player Name: -Tsunami- Tiers: w/e lax puts me in lol. Country: US WEST bop
  6. -Tsunami-

    Tournament LCWC - Finals (Won by US East)

    Melon has conquered the Punisher of Plays GG #WEAST
  7. -Tsunami-

    Tournament Monotype Winter Premier Finals (Won by the Sootopolis Sealeos)

    shoutouts to my team for somehow getting to finals despite me losing every week shoutouts to lax for snaking me
  8. -Tsunami-

    Smog Awards 2018: Results

    Upon popular request from the Jerk... IT IS TIME FOR THE FIRST EVER [VoD]LEADER METABEAST'S UNBIASED AWARDS POWER RANKINGS The premise of this post is is to point out which awards were wholly undeserved and also to show some love to the unfortunate souls who were robbed of their...
  9. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RU World Cup - Semi-Finals (Tiebreaker at post #24)

    due to TonyFlygon's request too bad france isnt in so i can bash the dogshit losers but alas Canada + US Central (5) vs (3) Asia + Rest of the World SM: Sam vs yjh971203 | idk bro. zomog hand-picked this man to replace a 25k player, so he must have some talent SM: Kink vs trace | durza told...
  10. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RU World Cup - Week 9

    Well, after 9 weeks of the entire team jerking while durza tryhard built RU, we have lost. shoutouts to THE JERK for going negative. v impressive call it snake v2 LOLO na real talk this tour was HEAT i had fun not caring about ru w the rest of u and just bashing ppl, including some individuals...
  11. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RU World Cup - Week 9

    Won vs. Analytic gg shoutouts Omfuga for the team
  12. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RU World Cup - Week 9

    subbing out KingKdot for Nat rozes
  13. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RU World Cup - Week 8

    DurzaOffTopic for obi J0RIS
  14. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RU World Cup - Week 6

    subbing in DurzaOffTopic for 49 Heni-san
  15. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RU World Cup - Week 6

    Won vs. neomon gg
  16. -Tsunami-

    Tournament LCWC - Week(s) 5

    Melon won GG LC West wins again. Classic.
  17. -Tsunami-

    Tournament Monotype Winter Premier II Week 4

    Won vs. Paleo gg
  18. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RU World Cup - Week 5

    Won gg
  19. -Tsunami-

    Tournament SPL X: RU Discussion

    due to popular demand...all the way from the 3rd world IT IS MACHU PIKACHU CONQUERER METABEAST'S UNBIASED POWER RANKINGS the numbers in parentheses will be the placement differential compared to my previous RU PRs for snake. 1. Ajna (+1) Little needs to be said here. After reuniting with his...
  20. -Tsunami-

    Tournament RU World Cup - Week 4

    ive been in this dickass country w no internet so not my fault subbing KW for 49 and TDK for august