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  1. Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 2

    Was there just a coin toss for Skwayz and I's round 1 battle? We were both really busy over the weekend and managed to play twice (I won one, he won one), but never got to our third and final round. I guess it's too late to do so, but I just wanted to know we ultimately decided the match.
  2. Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 1

    I haven't heard from my opponent yet, I sent him a PM awhile ago.
  3. Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 1

    PM'ing Ferxious now.
  4. Smogon Tournament #9 - Signups

    I would love to participate. In.
  5. Sandstalling Madness

    Vaporeon survives a +2 Life Orb Grass Knot ...
  6. Platinum Walling Combinations

    I would run Thunderbolt, Hidden Power [Fire], Thunder Wave, and something else, like Tri Attack, Substitute, or even Light Screen. Thunder Wave gives you a great little trick against Heatran, Skymin, and Zapdos, as well as gives you something to do against a Kingdra or Salamence stuck on...
  7. My mood is better this month

    Bronzong with Explosion / Stealth Rock / Trick is lethal. You can use Grass Knot in the fourth slot if you're paranoid about Swampert.
  8. Sandstorm (Standard)

    Mixnape OHKOs your whole team. Even if it doesn't carry Hidden Power [Ice], it still can 2HKO Gliscor with Flamethrower. Grass Knot takes out Swampert, Flamethrower takes out Bronzong and Scizor, and Close Combat takes out Tyranitar and Heatran. All you can do is try to revenge kill it with...
  9. Platinum based team that got me on the leaderboard

    If you can find room for Explosion on Metagross, it really helps out after you've Tricked it off. You may want to consider running one of the Rotoms in place of Metagross. You can still run Trick, as well as Discharge / Shadow Ball to keep the paralysis going. You could fit in a screen if you...
  10. The Deadly Sins -- Sloth, Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, and Wrath

    Actually, yeah, Zapdos needs both. He needs to run Thunderbolt to have the kick of a sweeper, otherwise the boosts Charge Beam nets him to almost nothing. Eh, Skymin. I can honestly beat it with prediction. I haven't lost to one, yet. But, in the end, it's going to be banned >,> Haha...
  11. The Deadly Sins -- Sloth, Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, and Wrath

    Re-done and bumped. Doing well with this again.
  12. Pokemon Platinum - (Uber Discussion Thread)

    Keep in mind that a Choice Scarf'd Me First from Mew now becomes even stronger, considering so many things will be locked into Outrage that are weak to Outrage, themselves.
  13. Pokemon Platinum - (Uber Discussion Thread)

    Because if you use Me First against something using a special attack, you use the same special attack at 1.5x power based off of YOUR special attack.
  14. Pokemon Platinum - (Uber Discussion Thread)

    I posted this set for Mew almost a year ago under the belief that Mew had access to Trick. Well, when I found out that it did not get it (after posting the topic, of course), the set was reduced to simply using Transform in its place, which obviously did not net similar results. The set still...
  15. A Mew Leading Set

    Y helo thar Platinum. I feel this deserves a bump considering that MEW GETS TRICK NOW YEAH WHAT.
  16. Building a Team of Explosives

    I have long since had a desire to make what many would deem a "joke" team, made strictly for fun and kicks -- an team built solely on explosives, on the move "Explosion." In other words, a team where probably four out of six Pokemon's sole purpose on the team was to simply Explode in the...
  17. Team SandRachi

    Surf hits almost as hard as Hidden Power [Ghost], so there's no need for that.
  18. Back to Action -- New Tankish Team

    Just a new team now that I've returned to Pokemon after a long absence. A little standard in terms of Pokemon, but redeems itself (or so I think) in terms of sets, effort value spreads, and stuff. So far, it's done me very well. Zapdos @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure EVs: 252 HP/180 Def/32...
  19. I've been away from the Pokemon scene -- how has the metagame changed?

    I've been away from the Pokemon scene for about ... well, since around March or April. How has the competitive metagame changed since then? >,> Does anyone still use GrowthTran? =p