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  1. MLB thread

    A couple things -Brad Penny is on a one year contract. I'm not sure what incentives are, but based on his performance this year i doubt he gets them. Next year there will be a flat out war for our fifth start. -On Juaquin Benoit. The stats lie, just saying. Watch him on any ordinary night in...
  2. The Everything NHL Thread

    In other news that is not worth considering but i'll post it anyways.... Avery arrested for shoving cop.
  3. MLB thread

    How is it bad? We dumped two guys who would NEVER get a chance at regular playing time, an expendable prospect (don't forget, we do have Nick Costellanos who is >>>>>>>>>>that other guy i forget his name), and a dime a dozen reliever that we could replace in next years draft and/or free agency...
  4. Handicapable Mafia - GAME OVER - 3rd Floor Patients and a few others win!

    Good luck everyone... I'm ready to screw up in another mafia help the village out this game.
  5. MLB thread

    Anyone else kinda chuckling now that the Giants are imploding?
  6. MLB thread

    OK i'm wrong. sorry for all the commotion...
  7. MLB thread

    Perhaps i'm interpreting this wrong... But Safeco compared to Comerica It seems to me Comerica is slightly bigger. Maybe i'm interpreting them wrong. You've probably watched way more baseball than i have. You can stop the tough guy act. I'm not feeling threatened by it. We talked...
  8. MLB thread

    I don't understand why people bring up this point to detract the value of what the Tigers got. He's going from one pitcher friendly ball park to an even better pitcher friendly ball park in Comerica Park. That'll sweeten up his stats even more, especially with the run support he'll get! To also...
  9. MLB thread

    In the blink of an eye, everything happens in the trade market, WOW. Teahan and Edwin Jackson to Tor-not-o. Ejax is hastily traded to St. Louis in a huge trade (8 men involved) Giants landed Beltran.
  10. The Everything NHL Thread

    Well, no longer you can call the Wings "old". As if it mattered... Gonna miss Draper; did a crapton more than Who?dler did all season long in half a season.
  11. The Everything NHL Thread

    Didn't think Kenny D would get such a low rating... Guess that's red wings bias for ya...
  12. The Everything NHL Thread

    And Washington's Roster Purge begins. Fehr to the Jets

    Nobody's ever talked to me concerning this game. Just sayin' edit: WTC?! Thought crux was part of the game and making' a lynch vote...

    the_sea_prince meets Groundon's solar beam
  15. The Everything NHL Thread

    The Blues just got a bit older. They could use some more veterans in that young lineup IMO... Also, i've been pondering this, but why exchange Young Brouwer with Elder Statesman Brunette. I know Brunette's put up more numbers but Brouwer's young and can develop. I'm having trouble solving...
  16. MLB thread

    Only with Jim Leyland will you fire your only GOOD coach and the other ones get a leash longer than long island...
  17. [Standard] Muppet Mafia (Sign-Ups)

    Pretty sure P1. Both of my mafias just finished.
  18. [Standard] NOC Desktop Dungeons Mafia GAME OVER

    I think my only blunder was assuming that we lynched 5 mafia and not 4 before Acklow... As you can see, that might have opened the door to all the scenarios i feared and whatnot.