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    A Guide to EV Training with Hordes (ORAS update)

    Note: Below are the proposed update for our current Gen 6 EV horde training guide. The changes are in red, plus the ORAS hide tag. Introduction Hordes are a new type of battle introduced in Pokémon X and Y. These battles force the trainer to confront five wild Pokémon at a time instead of the...
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    EV Training in Generation V [SCMS Merged]

    Introduction EV training in Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 has remained mostly identical to the fourth generation games save for a few small changes. The changes are comprised of a new mechanic, new items, and the return of a third generation mechanic regarding the EV reducing berries. The...
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    Other Smogon Noir--A complete dark theme for Smogon

    Smogon Noir Current version: 1.12.1 As the title says, I've gone back to update my dark theme for the original forums while an official one is being developed (no word on release). In the interim, I'd love to get your feedback! This thread will serve as a place where you can post bugs...
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    [GP 2/2] Receiving Perfect Dream Radar Pokemon

    The Pokemon Dream Radar is a purchasable 3DS application that ties in with Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Pokemon captured in the Dream Radar will have their Hidden Abilities when transferred to these games, providing access to Pokemon (including legendaries) that may be unobtainable with their...
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    Gen 7 Pre-Bank Unobtainables

    With Pokemon Bank support of Sun and Moon still about a month out, many Pokemon/abilities are currently unobtainable in Gen 7. This thread will serve as a quick reference until then. So without further ado, the lists: Rowlett/Dartrix/Decidueye - Ominous Wind, Curse Pikipek/Trumbeak/Toucannon -...