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  1. Ongoing Temporary Leaves of Absence (formerly permanent)

    In case it wasn't obvious by this point, I've been super-inactive lately (see: my loss to IAR in his gym). I doubt this will change in the near future, so I will humbly drop out of Water Gym Qualifiers (and anything else I'm supposed to be involved in). If/When I become active again, I will do...
  2. [GROUND] Leader Its_A_Random vs. Dummy007

    It's so easy to lose track of how many days it's been when it's summertime...alas, I have been timed out, fair and square. gg, IAR, and thanks to both refs. I apologize for my slowness. :/
  3. [GROUND] Leader Its_A_Random vs. Dummy007

    "You can't really do much damage, Dobby, but you can most certainly stall! Let's give that poison a chance to work its magic." Activate Trace [Storm Drain] -> Dive (suspend) -> Dive (suspend)
  4. [GROUND] Leader Its_A_Random vs. Dummy007

    "Excellent work, Neville. Let's bring Dobby @ Nothing back in to finish off this mammoth."
  5. [GROUND] Leader Its_A_Random vs. Dummy007

    "This isn't exactly a wonderful matchup for you, Neville, but when all you have is a hammer..." Fake Out -> Knock Off -> Superpower
  6. [GROUND] Leader Its_A_Random vs. Dummy007

    "It seems we hold the lead for now, but the race is far from over. Neville @ Rare Candy, let's pick up some more speed!" Dig -> Drill Run -> Earth Power If Utilitand uses a P/E move, change that action to Mud Bomb and push actions back If Utilitand uses a damaging Ice-typed combo, change that...
  7. [GROUND] Leader Its_A_Random vs. Dummy007

    "...No words need be said. Beetle, you've been superb." Hydro Pump -> Hydro Pump -> Hydro Pump
  8. (BOR SEMIFINALS) Matezoide vs. Dummy007

    I would write something epic here, but I think everything that can be said has already been said. gg Mate, and good luck in the final! Also, thanks to ww for reffing, in spite of infinite sadness. ;_; (but seriously tho Ancient Power and Smack Down for the loss amirite)
  9. (BOR SEMIFINALS) Matezoide vs. Dummy007

    gg and stuff. I haven't done any calcs, but there's a fair chance we'll get a second KOC here, so... Protect -> Peck -> Bite
  10. [GROUND] Leader Its_A_Random vs. Dummy007

    "I apologize for falling behind. I'm not familiar with the layout of this track. Nonetheless, I will step up the pace, both in my ordering and my actions!" Mud-Slap -> Surf -> Hydro Pump If King Odin uses a P/E move, Chill the first time, use Synthesis the second time, and Chill the third time...
  11. OPEN DISCUSSION - Gym Concerns and Issues

    Whoops, late to the party here. Applying for Water GL. #underprepared Krilowatt [Dobby] (M) Nature: Timid (+15% Speed, +16% Accuracy, -1 Atk) Typing: Electric/Water Electric: Electric STAB; immune to paralysis status. Water: Water STAB; ignores arena restrictions on Water attacks that require...
  12. (BOR SEMIFINALS) Matezoide vs. Dummy007

    Just because I'm going to lose doesn't mean I can't annoy the ref some more. ^_^ Neville's first Bounce should have had a paralysis roll. Also, Pressure is a thing. Mate can reorder if he wants to.
  13. (BOR SEMIFINALS) Matezoide vs. Dummy007

    gg, Matezoide. I probably didn't play as well (or as on-time) as I could/should have this match, but I'll just blame my loss on Ancient Power hax and getting counterteamed and move on with my life, like a real man. Good luck against SubJ! Encore -> Bounce -> Bounce If Steve successfully uses a...
  14. (BOR SEMIFINALS) Matezoide vs. Dummy007

    Yep, I'm screwed. gg Mate. Fly + Fly combo -> Cool Down (Dragon Tail) -> Fly
  15. [GROUND] Leader Its_A_Random vs. Dummy007

    "Well, Beetle, let's play with a little caution. Nidoking is absurdly powerful." Fake Out -> Teeter Dance -> Surf
  16. [GROUND] Leader Its_A_Random vs. Dummy007

    "Wow, I'm smart. Totally thought I had used U-Turn or something there. Anywaaay...let's send in Beetle @ Water Stone instead. Care to counterswitch?"
  17. (BOR SEMIFINALS) Matezoide vs. Dummy007

    Not exactly what I was hoping for, but we can deal with it. Moxie time! Zen Headbutt -> Fly -> Zen Headbutt If Ozzy uses a P/E move, change that action to Tailwind the first time, Roost the second time, and Chill the third time If Ozzy uses an Ice-typed combination, change that action to Fly...
  18. Corrupt Ref takes over. starwarsfan vs Dummy007

    I guess we'll take the yolo combo here, Mecha-Blooper. Excellent work! (also TBolt too weak pls rebuff) Mud Shot + Mud Shot combo -> Cool Down (Psychic) -> Psychic
  19. Battle Pike [Bronze Rank] - Dummy007

    My apologies. I enjoy prolonging demise (whether mine or my opponent's) for as long as possible (total lie, but I needed an excuse). Really hoping it isn't mine, though... Going to Neville @ Razor Fang. The counterswitch is yours to take.
  20. (BOR SEMIFINALS) Matezoide vs. Dummy007

    Ugh, this is a bad matchup. Let's fix that, shall we? Dragon Tail -> Crunch -> Roost