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  1. Selius

    ORAS OU I'll eat all of ya! A Mega Altaria Team

    Hi Guys! This is my second RMT, but first one in OU. I've tested this team before and it works really well, but I want to make sure I have as many of the holes covered before I go for a high ladder. So, here is my team!:toast: No question here. Altaria is the main purpose of this team. I...
  2. Selius

    XY Doubles Rate my Team: Peaked #1 On Oras Doubles

    Hello guys! This is my first RMT I've done, and this isn't ORAS, so bear with me. I peaked #1 on Oras Dubz before the ORAS games came out, so I just that should be a small accomplishment. Note: Most of these are standard sets. If I say 'I run' or 'I like to use' just don't worry about it...