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  1. deinosaur

    Caribolt [QC: 1/1]

    amcheck, so feel free to ignore :) this was well-written! Add, Remove, (Comment)
  2. deinosaur

    Gen 2 Ursaring (OU Revamp) QC 2/2 GP 1/2

    amcheck, but Estronic finished 5 mins before me >:O Add, Remove, (Comment)
  3. deinosaur

    Ubers Arceus-Fighting

    amcheck for practice Add, Remove, Comments
  4. deinosaur

    Let's Play! Deino Plays! np: Can't believe this kid is still alive (Ultra Sun)

    Art by Kadew Welcome back to the greatest series ever to grace Orange Islands brought to you by the humblest user ever to grace Orange Islands: Deino Plays! I started this series in the relative stone age of 2014 as a publicity stunt to get the attention of my star-crossed lover, Stellar, and...
  5. deinosaur

    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Hi lovely people, can I change my username to just the lowercase version? Deinosaur -> deinosaur I use the lowercase version on other sites and the uppercase one bothers me now for some reason. Thanks
  6. deinosaur


    amcheck additions deletions comments [OVERVIEW] Cacturne is a powerful mixed attacker with access to multiple boosting moves, and to priority in the form of Sucker Punch, which allows it to heavily damage faster threats. Water Absorb gives it switch-in opportunities against bulky waters like...
  7. deinosaur


    amcheck boi additions deletions comments [OVERVIEW] Cresselia is one of the most prominent defensive Pokemon in Battle Spot Singles. With defenses on par with Ubers like Arceus,(RC) and an excellent defensive ability in Levitate, Cresselia is capable of checking some of Battle Spot Single's...
  8. deinosaur

    Challenge The Draft Challenge

    Is this still relevant? I like this idea.
  9. deinosaur

    Mafia vs Village Flavourful Mafia - Game Over - Evil Wins!

    I'm triple vote so I guess I'm voting More Cowbell ur ded m8
  10. deinosaur

    UU Kyurem

    amcheck Additions Deletions Comments Overview ######## Kyurem is one of the most versatile Pokemon in the entire UU metagame. With an excellent base 130 Special Attack and decent base 95 Speed, it is very effective as a wallbreaker or a revenge killer, giving both bulky teams and hyper...
  11. deinosaur

    OU Landorus

    When Goddess Briyella goes over my check, there will probably be some changes, so you might have to re-implement. Just letting you know.
  12. deinosaur

    OU Landorus

    another amcheck well written :) Additions Deletions Comments Overview ######## Landorus is one of the most fearsome wallbreakers in the tier. The combination of Sheer Force and recoil-less Life Orb boosted attacks bring its power to monstrous levels. With multiple effective boosting moves...
  13. deinosaur

    Rayquaza [GP 2/2]

    amcheck very well written :) Additions Deletions Comments Overview ######## Rayquaza has gained many new abilities upon returning to his it home of yore in ORAS. Having been bestowed its own signature move, Dragon Ascent, Rayquaza can nuke (I would recommend a different word) much more...
  14. deinosaur

    Let's Play! Lockes Pokémon adventure (Nuzlocke)

    I'm still here! I'm following along (albeit quietly), so don't get discouraged. As someone who plays Nuzlockes a lot, I know that hard times make for a better read. Your audience looks for a game of blood. :P I'm actually really proud of how well you're doing! Don't cater to the audience by...
  15. deinosaur

    Issue #40 Released!

    This is the issue where galbia takes over the world
  16. deinosaur

    Gloomy art [NEW ART 2019! see page 4]

    This is absolutely incredible. I'm really loving these. It looks so smooth when you draw. I'm envious for sure.
  17. deinosaur

    Deinosaur's MS Paint Musings

    Kadew this is the cutest I could muster. Thanks for the request and all the support ♥