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  1. Ske

    SM OU New Patek

    Hey guys, I have decided to RMT one of my favorite teams I made this generation, A rain team i made with Modest Waterium-Z Manaphy which is pretty cool since it has been doing pretty well & Manaphy is a mon that hasn't been seen on rain that much prior. -- Introduction -- Yo wassup! :]...
  2. Ske

    SM OU ILoveYourAunt

    The last cycle of the official ladder tournament is finally here, So i decided to RMT my Mega Heracross team, Introduction Yo wassup! :] I'm showcasing a team i made a few days prior to the Official Ladder Tournament that has been doing very well these past few cycles, My friend...
  3. Ske

    SM OU Beware The Book Of Eli - (Peak #3, 2032+)

    In celebration of The Book of Eli dropping, here's some heat for yall, Here's my favorite song off Beware The Book Of Eli Introduction Yo, Ske here! I'm showcasing a team I made that helped my friend Best Teambuilder peak 2032+ on the ladder...
  4. Ske

    SM OU Gucci Gang

    Hello guys, this is my first Rate My Team and im showcasing one of my favorite teams to use in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. My name is Lil Ske, and I am a fairly new player and I have been playing competitive pokemon since around late oras. ive been playing around on the ladder and playing friends...