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  1. Zarel

    PS timer updates

    First, an overview of how timer currently works: IN LADDER: - You start with 210 seconds total time (aka "Your Time", "banked time") - Time is capped at 150 seconds per turn IN CHALLENGES (including custom tournaments): - You start with 280 seconds total time - Time is capped at 300 seconds...
  2. Zarel

    WCAO: Possibly slightly improving GXE

    So anyone looking closely might notice that on the PS website ladder pages (the ones outside of the sim, which I assume no one looks at), there's a new column, WCAO: WCAO is the result of me staring at the GXE formula and wondering if a minor...
  3. Zarel

    Suspect Tests: Stop having game limits, also I'm removing COIL

    Hi, this thread is mainly for anyone currently running a suspect test. Don't use maximum game-count limits. If you're using a game limit, you're using COIL wrong. I've heard that it's common to have game limits. This is really really bad, and means that COIL is working exactly the opposite way...
  4. Zarel

    1 hour battle time limit

    So, in at least XY, ORAS, and SM, there's a game mechanic where the game automatically ends after 1 hour, and goes to tiebreaker. - At tiebreaker, the winner is whoever has the most unfainted Pokémon left. - If both players have the same number of unfainted Pokémon, the winner is whoever has...
  5. Zarel

    Endless Stall Clause

    This thread is to discuss what an Endless Stall Clause, a set of rules for forcing a stall-v-stall game to tie, might look like. This is a new thread ONLY for force-tie. If your suggestion involves a player making any direct choice about whether or not to end the game in a draw, (or if it...
  6. Zarel

    Unifying Baton Pass Clause, second try

    I'm personally not entirely convinced that Baton Pass needs to be banned completely, but that idea seems to have more political support than trying to push Baton Pass Speed Clause, and honestly I think the "limit 1 per team" part is unnecessarily complex, anyway. So, this has been brought up...
  7. Zarel

    Unifying Baton Pass Clause

    So, the state of Baton Pass: Gen 7 OU: passing +Spe/+others at the same time is banned, but apparently some tier leaders want to make an exception for Z-moves Gen 6 OU: passing +Spe/+others at the same time is banned Gen 6 UU: Baton Pass is banned Gen 6 RU: passing +Spe/+others at the same time...
  8. Zarel

    Should banning an ability ban megas with that ability?

    This is a bit of an argument between PS developers right now, so I'm going to punt this to PR. I feel like this is an obvious Yes. If you ban Shadow Tag, then Gengarite should automatically be banned with it. If you ban Swift Swim, Swampertite should automatically be banned with it. The main...
  9. Zarel

     Generic sprite project

    Hi, so, I'm thinking it'd be nice to have some generic sprites in PS. Sprites that look kind of like pokemon but don't look like any specific pokemon. So, for instance, kind of like Gen 1-2 had these: But instead they'd be full-size. I'm looking for: BW-style...
  10. Zarel

    Time/turn limits on games

    We've never really been able to agree on turn limits, but I think they're kind of a big deal. Note: I'm not talking about forced endless games, I'm talking about stall battles where everyone doubleswitches for like 500 turns. In the games themselves, any multiplayer game (rated or otherwise)...
  11. Zarel

    All Gens New teambuilder update

    Among all my other updates to the teambuilder recently, the teambuilder should now work perfectly in past gens. This includes tier lists, learnsets, item lists (including gen 2 items), gen 1-2 EVs/DVs, types/stats in the pokemon list, types/categories/BP/accuracy/PP/descriptions in the moves...
  12. Zarel

    Ladder and rating system policy

    This is a thread on ladder and rating system policy, split off from another thread. The main questions discussed here are: - Should W/L be displayed in the ladder? - Should we have a ladder reset option? Summary points: - W/L isn't an accurate reflection of anything. Winning against a 1000...
  13. Zarel

    Ban Heal Pulse in singles?

    Hi, apparently there are ways to make endless battles that still aren't covered by Endless Battle Clause. No one's told me the exact set but apparently it involves Heal Pulse, Wish, and Recycle. I want to straight-up ban Heal Pulse in singles; it's not like it has a competitive use, anyway...
  14. Zarel

    Tiering mega evolutions separately

    So the question of whether or not megas should be tiered separately is really controversial, despite being a pretty minor part of the thread I was originally trying to post. So let's create a separate thread for it. Also a poll, because I'm curious what people think of it. Note that the poll...
  15. Zarel

    Prefer banning Pokémon instead of items/abilities

    Hello, PR! Smogon has a tier system. The tier system is pretty good approximation of ordering by power: OU, UU, RU, NU While there are a few exceptions, this roughly approximates a list of Pokémon ordered by how powerful their best set is, from the most powerful to the least powerful. Note...
  16. Zarel

    Gen-NEXT development thread

    "Screw it, let's make our own metagame." –Zarel, 2012 Mar 11, 3:27:18 AM Hey, guys! I've never made a thread for NEXT mainly because I don't want a metagame discussion thread, because the metagame is unfinished. However, I do want to hear feedback, so that's what this thread is: what do you...
  17. Zarel

    Pokemon Showdown has a VGC 2013 ladder now!

    Hey, guys, I just wanted you to know. Showdown! has a VGC 2013 ladder now. You should use it. :3
  18. Zarel

    Inactive Warstory generator development

    This is still in development. It can be used now, though. Feel free to release warstories with it, or wait for it to improve.