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  1. Mr. Uncompetitive

    OU Rockium Z Garchomp (QC 1/1) (GP 1/1)

    GP 1/1 Additions, (AC) = add comma Removals, (RC) = remove comma Comments Garchomp is a powerful wallbreaker in OU thanks to its great coverage, access to Swords Dance, and good speed Speed. It can also utilize it's its good bulk and typing to check and threaten (implied by being a check to...
  2. Mr. Uncompetitive

    PU Kabutops (Choice Scarf) (QC 1/1) (GP 1/1)

    GP 1/1 Additions Removals With a good STAB combination, powerful moves, and neat utility options, Kabutops can make for a solid Choice Scarf user in PU. With a Choice Scarf it, Kabutops can reliably switch into and outspeed many of the top threats in PU such as Froslass and Oricorio-E and...
  3. Mr. Uncompetitive

    Random Battles Team Tour - Week 6

    Won against Pokeblade 2-1, ggs sorry for the insane hax
  4. Mr. Uncompetitive

    Random Battles Team Tour - Week 3

    won in 2 ggs
  5. Mr. Uncompetitive

    PU Silvally-Grass (mini) [QC 2/2] [GP 1/1]

    GP 1/1 Additions, (AC) = add comma Removals, (RC) = remove comma Comments [OVERVIEW] While Silvally-Grass' Silvally-Grass's well-rounded stats and vast movepool may make it seem appealing, its lack of a useful ability and or item slot drags it down offensively. Even with its terrific...
  6. Mr. Uncompetitive

    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Fake Out wasn't working here despite it being Kang's first turn and I have no idea as to why
  7. Mr. Uncompetitive

    LC Roggenrola

    GP 1/1 Additions, (AC) = add comma Removals, (RC) = remove comma Comments [OVERVIEW] Roggenrola might seem appealing as a switch-in on to Brave Bird and Flying-types with its high Defense, (RC) and ability to then force them out after a Weak Armor boost to set up Stealth Rock, however but...
  8. Mr. Uncompetitive

    NU Sawk

    GP 1/1 Additions, (AC) = add comma Removals, (RC) = remove comma Comments [OVERVIEW] Although Sawk sports better Attack and Speed than Passimian, its lack of U-turn leaves it unable to do much versus defensive Slowbro, and its reliance on Close Combat for wallbreaking leaves it easily taken...
  9. Mr. Uncompetitive

    LC Slugma

    GP 1/1 Additions, (AC) = add comma Removals, (RC) = remove comma Comments [OVERVIEW] Slugma might seem appealing due to its ability to spread burns and prevent setup with Memento, but it's not very good at doing this role due to its poor bulk, low Speed, and common weaknesses to Rock and...
  10. Mr. Uncompetitive

    Random Battles Team Tour 2 Signups

    Smogon Username: Mr. Uncompetitive PS Username: Mr. Uncompetitive Preferred Formats: Gen 7/Gen 1 Randbats Timezone: GMT -4 (EST) Foreseeable Inactivity: Have work during the days but other than that nothin
  11. Mr. Uncompetitive

    LC Electrike

    GP 1/1 Additions, (AC) = add comma Removals, (RC) = remove comma Comments [OVERVIEW] Despite being able to viably run a Choice Scarf, Electrike is wholly outclassed in Little Cup due to its mediocre stats and average movepool by Magnemite, Chinchou, and Elekid, with the former two having...
  12. Mr. Uncompetitive

    Programming A neural network predicting battle results ( in progress )

    ahhh i hate getting reminded that I need to do more personal project work (I've been planning out something in a similar vein to this, but I need to actually make time to sit down and learn tensorflow/basic NN use) anyways, this a really cool idea. I've scraped for replay data in the past, and...
  13. Mr. Uncompetitive

    LC Mudkip

    GP 1/1 Additions, (AC) = add comma Removals, (RC) = remove comma Comments [OVERVIEW] Mudkip struggles to carve itself justify a spot on competitive teams, due to a poor speed Speed tier and limited movepool. Although it possesses above-average stats all-around, Corphish and Carvanha are...
  14. Mr. Uncompetitive


    OH MY GOOOOOD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH To maybe give this post more substance... Zains fuckin nuts, loved his use of dancing blade to prop hbox into the position he wanted Shame SFAT choked up a bit, still hoping for the return of 2016 SFAT I wonder if Mango will...
  15. Mr. Uncompetitive

    Ubers Zygarde-C [QC 1/1] [GP 1/1]

    1/1, did this half-asleep i should prolly go to bed ahhh Zygarde @ Leftovers Ability: Power Construct EVs: 228 Atk / 48 SpD / 232 Spe Adamant Nature - Dragon Dance - Substitute - Thousand Arrows - Dragon Tail Zygarde-C is one of the most prevalent Pokemon in the metagame, capable of checking...