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  1. Teremiare

    ORAS OU #KeepItCaged (Peaked #1 on the suspect ladder)

    Needed a team to get reqs so I made one around the most broken mon allowed, aka Aegislash. Went alright at first then after losing 3 games in a row due to Focus Blast misses it went on a 17 game winning streak to rank 1. Best way to lose to Mega Lopunny imo What better way to beat...
  2. Teremiare

    ORAS OU (Peaked 1700) ExcaZard Y

    I wanted to make a team based around Charizard Y and sand rush sweeper Excadril. Even though they don't work too well together since Charizard removes the sand that Excadrill needs every time it comes in. Didn't think about that too much though as I made the team mostly for fun and it still...