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  1. JTD783

    OU Tyranitar

    [OVERVIEW] Tyranitar's high Attack stat coupled with powerful, spammable STAB moves in Stone Edge and Crunch makes it a fearsome wallbreaker. Powerful STAB Pursuit lets Tyranitar also serve as one of OU's most threatening trappers. Tyranitar can use its solid bulk and unique typing to check...
  2. JTD783

    OU Azelf

    [OVERVIEW] Azelf is one of SM OU's few options for suicide leads. Its access to Stealth Rock, Taunt, Skill Swap, and Explosion, as well as its respectable base 115 Speed, makes it stand out among lead options. This Speed tier unfortunately causes Azelf to be outran by Tapu Koko and Greninja...
  3. JTD783

    ORAS OU Highway to Hell - Peaked 1626

    Highway to Hell Proof of Peak: Hello everyone, This is my second RMT, current peak on OU's ladder, and a celebration of my 250th post. My team is offense/bulky offense, and features Mega Heracross and Specs Kyurem-Black. The song below, which...
  4. JTD783

    ORAS OU Balance Against Humanity (Peaked 1540)

    Hello everyone, My name is JTD783, and this is my first RMT. Balance Against Humanity, as the name suggests, is a balance team, and utilizes a fairly mainstream FWG core to sweep with Mega Charizard X. The nicknames reflect their destructive capability, and are explained in the attached...
  5. JTD783

    Official Cross Country/ Distance Running Thread

    With high school/ college cross country season about to begin, I figured it would be a good time to start this thread. Also it's the greatest sport of all time, and don't make me explain why it's a sport, it just is. Feel free to discuss PR's, goals for the season and in general, why you like...