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  1. im gmt+1. 6pm-12pm im usually on

    im gmt+1. 6pm-12pm im usually on
  2. Smogon Premier League IX - Player Signups

    Player Name: TrueExcaKill Tiers Played: SM OU / SM Doubles / DPP OU Timezone : GMT+1 (CET) Significant Time Missed?: no
  3. Ask for S/M OU Battles Here (READ THE FIRST POST)

    LF SM OU BATTLE FC 3282-4651-7341 PM ME YOUR CODES
  4. SM UU Simple Questions Thread

    would it have a place in UU or would it still be not good enough? would be kinda sad for a mon with 173 SpA :/
  5. SM UU Simple Questions Thread

    How likely is it for Xuritree to drop to UU?
  6. Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    Not sure which item to use on Defog Latios Soul Dew or LO?
  7. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    With Mega Mawiles release so near i wanted to ask if some on could tell me or link me the reasoning for its ban back in XY and ORAS
  8. SM Ubers First shot at Uber

    First shot at Uber I wanted to build something around Lunala because i think its an awesome mon.First thing i did was throwing in the god him self Primal-Groudon because he is the GOAT. Further i neede a Ground Immunity and a Wallbreaker so Yveltal was added. I also wanted a setup Sweeper...
  9. Ask for XY and ORAS OU Battles Here! (READ THE FIRST POST)

    I added you. add me too so we can battle :D
  10. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    How well does Volcanion preform at the moment?
  11. Ask for XY and ORAS OU Battles Here! (READ THE FIRST POST)

    LF ORAS OU FC:3282-4651-7341 IGN:Exca WOuld like to battle alot so message me
  12. ORAS OU Stormy Mega Charizard

    Stormy Charizard X Introduction Hello everyone and welcome to my RMT. I always wanted to get a viable Charizard X team so i worked on it and i didnt get the results i wanted. I tried variations with Keldeo,Thundurus,Landorus-T,Starmie,Bisharp adn more but nothing realy worked out for me...
  13. Resource OU Teambuilding Workshop v4 (CLOSE)

    Ye thats alright
  14. Resource OU Teambuilding Workshop v4 (CLOSE)

    Hello my first request here, My Core: I recentlc got my hands on an HP Ice Thundurus so i wanted to build a team with him and i got an Lopunny in my box wich ive never used^^(its still OU even tho im will use this team on showdown and wifi) Sets: Lopunny @ Lopunnite Ability: Limber EVs...
  15. ORAS OU Mega-CharizardX and Friends

    k, but still this big weakness to Medicham-Mega and Lopunny-Mega is horrifying
  16. ORAS OU Mega-CharizardX and Friends

    And wth am i doing agaist Ferrothorn? I dont think want to kill it with Flare Blaze because the dmg on me would be insane and i dont have anything other than that against it