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  1. The International Challenge February [Online Competition]

    I was pretty busy this last weekend so I only got 9 total battles in. I went 3-6, not good, but I am having more and more fun during the battles, and am also learning a lot about the metagame.
  2. The International Challenge February [Online Competition]

    And now we are onto The International Challenge! Maybe I will get the hang of this metagame sooner rather than later.
  3. Generation Showdown [Online Competition] Finished!

    Day 1 didn't go very well for me...3-7 overall...I'm still very poor at the metagame. I think I saw 6 Kyorges, 3 Groudons, 1 Rayquaza, and 1 Kyreum. The Kyreum was a boss though, as it 1HKO my entire team. Needless to say I was pretty bummed after that matchup. I was 0-7 and had a guy on the...
  4. Generation Showdown [Online Competition] Finished!

    Ahh, thanks for the heads up on Keldeo. Apparently reading is a skill I haven't completely comprehended. Hmm...don't know what I'll use in that 6th slot...maybe Mewtwo, Gyrados, or Rayquaza
  5. Generation Showdown [Online Competition] Finished!

    Going to start battling tonight. I dont have all my moves memorized, but I am going with this team for. Volcarona (Leftovers) Rotom-W Keldeo (Life Orb) Ferrothorn (Rocky Helmet) Mawile (Mawilite) Metagross (Assault Vest)
  6. Battle of Hoenn [Online Competition] - Finished! Erebyssial Wins!

    I threw a rocky helmet on him and mostly used Earthquake to combat the many Metagross I saw during the competition. I also used him for Stealth Rock. Golem was really hit or miss. He took a ton of 1HKOs, but he also helped win a few battles.
  7. Battle of Hoenn [Online Competition] - Finished! Erebyssial Wins!

    I went 6-16 for the competition. I was pleasantly surprised given my team wasn't put together for VGC type events. I ran with Mega Metagross, Gyrados, Golem, and sometimes Breloom. I definitely learned a lot and will start working on creating a more competitive team for future tournaments and...
  8. General What brought you to Smogon?

    I was brought to Smogon by their legendary reputation as the top authority when it comes to competitive pokemon battling. Since I am extremly new to the metagame, and I wanted to enter the Battle of Hoenn, I came to read up on as many tips and tidbits of information that I could find.
  9. General Introduce yourself!

    Hello all! My name is Patrick and I have been lurking on the board for a bit. I decided to finally register and learn about the competitive battling aspect of the game. I look forward to becoming an accepted and quality member of the Smogon Community!