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  1. ReshiRampage

    Gen 5 5Drag0Mag?: A Twist on Dragon Spam in BW OU

    Hey guys, After watching Get Backer use a team of 6 dragons Smogon Tour i wanted to try some kind of Dragon spam offense. The raw power really appealed to me and it seemed like a fun way to win. I especially wanted to try Choice Band Kyurem-B because it's nearly impossible to switch into. This...
  2. ReshiRampage

    First XY OU team

    Hello This is my first XY OU team. I played quite a lot in gen 5 and I thought PS was a fun plac to be and battle. This team is a Hyper Offense team based around Dragon Dance Dragonite. Its teammates help it in different ways such as setting up hazards and luring in counters and set-up bait...