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  1. Eternally

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Signups

    Player Name: eternally Tiers: SM / ORAS Country / Region of Residence: Oceania Other Eligibility: None
  2. Eternally

    hey, we're playing for uupl, im gmt+10, would prefer to play sometime during the week, lmk what...

    hey, we're playing for uupl, im gmt+10, would prefer to play sometime during the week, lmk what times you're free
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    Tangelo Kiyo Hootie spink

    Tangelo Kiyo Hootie spink
  4. Eternally

    ducklett >piplup

    ducklett >piplup
  5. Eternally

    Sunday? 7pm GMT-6 would work well for me.

    Sunday? 7pm GMT-6 would work well for me.
  6. Eternally

    omg we're playing for uupl :v4:

    omg we're playing for uupl :v4:
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    Resource USUM NU Viability Rankings - v2

    Let me preface this by saying that these Pokemon have been used by many people recently, not just the VR team, and we didn't just throw them into the rankings without having experience using them, like your post is regrettably implying. That being said, it's fine to disagree with and I'm happy...
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    Tournament UUPL VII - Week 2

    lucked out osh with a dodge, gg
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    WIP Ferroseed (QC 0/3)

    [OVERVIEW] Ferroseed is a respectable Spikes setter which carves itself a niche through its fantastic matchup against Blastoise. Ferroseed's unique typing enables it to use many common defensive Pokemon such as Vileplume, Vaporeon, Seismitoad, Palossand, and Audino-Mega as Spikes fodder...
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    Resource Sun & Moon NU Reservation Index

    I'll take Ferroseed
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    Resource USUM NU Viability Rankings - v2

    Greetings NUsers, we're making it a habit to do a VR Council revamp of the rankings every 3 months (in line with the major tier shifts), so we've gone ahead and voted on everything currently ranked to get a more accurate depiction of the tier as it stands. I've also heard that people would like...
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    NU NU Majors I - Round 1

    won ggs
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    NU The NeverUsed League IV - Cycle 1 - GRAND FINALS (WON BY ETERNALLY)

    Won in some very tough sets. Congrats to my opponent for making it to finals, you played very well and brought some super cool techs, ggs wp. Had lots of fun this seasonal and it was nice to finally win something after an average start to the year. s/o to Shadestep for hosting and everyone that...
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    Metagame NP: NU Stage 14- Panda

    Hi everyone. Following the recent tier shift, the NU Council voted on whether or not Pangoro should be quick-banned from the tier. Here are the votes! As a result, Pangoro is not going to be quick-banned, and will remain in the NU tier. Feel free to continue discussing the metagame in this...
  19. Eternally

    Tournament LCPL 8 Signups

    Username: eternally Timezone: gmt+10 Tiers played: SM Significant Time Missed?: limited availability, wont be able to start every week.