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  1. Gorfield

    Other Metagames Ï HÁTĘ MØÑDߊ (ZU team that made it to quarterfinals of zu open)

    This team was made by czim and modified a bit by me, it singlehandedly brought me to zu open quarterfinals and I want to know if there’s any changes I should make. Anyways here’s the team description: IHM: I Hate Mondays A.K.A.: The best team of all time Ok so first let me credit Czim...
  2. Gorfield

    SM OU My first OU team! (Balance) (Is peaked at 16th on ladder, still there, can go further) (1967 ELO)

    Before I say anything I'd like to say this team is made by me, I didn't steal it and I have no clue how I got it to work so well but here it is. This is my first serious OU team I have made, while it is pretty standard I was expecting it to get me only 1.6k, but it ended up doing way better. I...
  3. Gorfield

    Mr. Mime[WIP]

    [OVERVIEW] Mr. Mime's high special attack and fairly well speed stat, (For ZU) make it a huge threat to any team Mr. Mime's wide variety of attacks allows it to hit almost any mon in zu for huge amounts of damage Mr. Mime has a huge special defense, allowing it to tank huge special attacks and...