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  1. Max

    Yu-Gi-Oh discussion

    ravine rulers was not that great of a format, lol. I liked the baby ruler one a lot more. It's crazy playing those mirrors again now and seeing how in depth some of the plays could be. Also posting a little mini tournament way after the fact, but I was lucky enough to get to represent the USA...
  2. Max

    Happy 10th Birthday, Smogon!

    I was just thinking about this too...seems like a lifetime has passed since I joined. Crazy part is the community goes even further back than Smogon. I really miss this place. Edit: have a RICE DAY?? Hipmonlee YOU'VE CHANGED
  3. Max

    Yu-Gi-Oh discussion

    True but this is one of the reasons why certain players are able to keep a leg up every event. Keeping up with the trends and new mechanics and decks of the game rewards the players who have tested a lot more :)
  4. Max

    Yu-Gi-Oh discussion

    Bringing this thread back to life... Anyone going to YCS Charleston in Jan/Feb? :) Would be happy to say hello to anyone! Also what are people's ideas on the right choice for the event? Obviously all related to the banlist, but could Burning Abyss still reign supreme or will something like...
  5. Max

    Yu-Gi-Oh discussion

    I just got back into Yu-Gi-Oh! and have been playing a lot of DN lately, haha. I'm making an X-sabers deck right now, so we'll see what happens. I hope to eventually play at regionals/ycs and get a nats invite!
  6. Max

    VGC '11 US National - Indianapolis - July 8th to 10th - WON by superwolfe & Cybertron

    Pokemon in real life, let's make it happen!
  7. Max

    RBY Style Pokemon Sprites

    This is really awesome! :)
  8. Max

    Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    bballbreakdown's vids are really informative. I've been watching him for a while now.
  9. Max

    NCAA March Madness 2011

    Ohio State to win it all... Also predicting Kansas State to get pretty far.
  10. Max

    MLB thread

    feeling pretty confident the orioles can have a 81+ win season. ^_^ yay/nay?
  11. Max

    Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    Oh my bosh, 24 points on 10-17 shooting?!
  12. Max

    Introduction to this Society this is a tough question. I guess I'd probably go with Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. I'm not really sure how to justify my answer other than, "the song gave me chills the first time I heard it, so I think it would do the same for others." I hope I wouldn't mess up their musical...
  13. Max

    Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    Good! Now that they got all the tears out, they'll be ready to play some ball! Crash some boards, Bosh!
  14. Max

    Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    Heat are taking it all the way!
  15. Max

    Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    The fact that Derrick Rose is an all-star point guard and also visits Smogon in his free time blows my mind. Also, is anyone else jumping on the Chicago Bulls bandwagon? They look really good.
  16. Max

    Why does there need to be rain ?

    You need to expand upon your comments...doesn't really seem like you put much thought into them. PM me with edits and I'll reopen your thread.
  17. Max

    Smogon Haxball Tournament- Round 1

    Might be easier to hold a 1v1 tourney sometime!
  18. Max

    Smogon Haxball Tournament- Round 1

    So how's this going...
  19. Max

    Team Trials III - Round 1

    lost to vrai, gg