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  1. Piccolo Daimao

    Balanced Hackmons Viability Ranking

    Balanced Hackmons Viability Ranking thanks to Litra for the banner! Welcome to the Balanced Hackmons Viability Ranking thread. As is implied in the title, the purpose of this thread is to rank Pokemon based on how well they perform in the metagame, with the help of you, the community. Through...
  2. Piccolo Daimao

    [Balanced Hackmons] Registeel

    Wouldn't you just love to have a pet Registeel? GPs: Electrolyte ☑ Snobalt ☑ The Dutch Plumberjack ☑ [OVERVIEW] Registeel is a very versatile Pokemon in Balanced Hackmons due to its strong defenses and mono-Steel typing. It can run many supportive and defensive sets effectively and is...
  3. Piccolo Daimao

    Other [BH] [Insert Creative BH RMT Name Here]

    Hi, I'm Piccolo. I play BH a lot, but I never bothered to make an RMT because all my teams were really bad. I finally think that I have a team good enough to share, so here goes! BOOMBURST STRONK (Arceus-Dragon) @ Leftovers Ability: Prankster EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD...