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  1. Huy

    VGC Tournament at Southern California State Championships (March 22)

    Mega Video Game Tournament We were hoping to have Pokémon Video Game state championships, but since that didn’t happen in 2014, we’re doing as big an XY “VGC rules” tournament as we can. Mega Video Game Tournament – limit 100 players $10 all divisions – payment options 09:30 AM Check-in &...
  2. Huy

    8 Simple Rules to Make Everyone's VGC Experience Better

    1. Don't be afraid to talk to people! We don't bite! The whole point of these events is to get together and meet people that share the same love for the game. Talk to everyone! The staff, the other competitors, and Smogonauts that you may recognize from being e-famous. Everyone is there because...
  3. Huy

    Huy's Swanna Song (NorCal Regionals 12 and Farewell Announcement)

    Hello friends and fans! This special presentation is sponsored by Air Huy. Prologue: Our story takes place in a small suburban town in Northern California. A man who once served the Smogon Army in defending its pride against many competing nations sits in his rocking chair staring into the...
  4. Huy

    Pokemon, I Choose You! - SoCal Regionals 2012

    My story starts off at the end of worlds 2011. I was entirely burned out on serious Pokemon and decided to have some fun in team building. I tested a lot obscure stuff that hasn't really seen much competitive play and found great success in these strategies. I was racking up wins all over the...
  5. Huy

    VGC 2012 Analyses (now on homepage!)

    Smogon's C&C section has started it's VGC12 section and we are working very hard to put out quality analyses for all of our users to enjoy. If you need help with common pokemon movesets or want to help contribute, the forum can be found by following this link.
  6. Huy

    Friend Rulin', Friend Rulin', Yeah!

    Rather than shit up Milan's warstory any further with a giant debate about the friend rule, I decided to move everything out of there into it's own thread. TPCi grants us the privilege to decline to play someone at an event if you are friends with them. I've been following these alot of the...
  7. Huy

    3 Age Divisions at VGC This Year - Juniors, Seniors, and Masters 3 age divisions auto level, species clause, unova dex
  8. Huy

    Top 8? Again? When are you gonna get over that hump? [Worlds 2010 Story]

    Yeah, I’ve been lagging on my warstories from this year. But it’s okay! I’m getting this one up on time! I’ll have an Indy warstory up…sometime. If anyone still cares about that. Check out my facebook for more pictures! Thursday August 12th, 2010 What are you guys in Hawaii for?—Pokemon World...
  9. Huy

    US Regional Qualifier - San Francisco, CA - May 15th, 2010 WON BY BIANCA222

    Stealing Havak's formatting cause I really liked it. US Regional Qualifier - San Francisco, CA The Pokemon Video Game Championship returns to the Bay Area this year. Feel free to use this thread to discuss anything about the San Francisco regional. Attendees will be listed at the bottom...
  10. Huy

    Batpig's VGC Adventure

    Sorry guys, I'm a bit late getting this up but midterms have been coming at me nonstop so I haven't really gotten a chance to do it. Before I get started though, here's a rundown of zerowing's team. Smeargle (F) @ Focus Sash Trait: Own Tempo EVs: 252 HP / 140 Def / 116 SDef Relaxed Nature...