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  1. Havens

    ADV Cup V - Round 2

    ye I'm calling act; my dude hasn't been here since the 5th and I'm gonna assume he's not coming back anytime soon
  2. Havens

    Circus Premier League

    put in scrabble and count me in~
  3. Havens

    DOU Doubles OU Summer Seasonal - Signups

    [10:36 PM] Level 51: if a minecraft character farted in water, would the bubbles come out round or square
  4. Havens

    oi, we play for ADV cup. I'm gmt-4; any preference on when you want to play?

    oi, we play for ADV cup. I'm gmt-4; any preference on when you want to play?
  5. Havens

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Signups

    Havens SM / ORAS South
  6. Havens

    Quality Control Facade Mega Scizor (Steel) (QC: 2/3)

    Implemented, next check plz
  7. Havens

    Tournament Monotype BLT III - Finals

    Light em up Lightnings!
  8. Havens

    ye that's fine

    ye that's fine
  9. Havens

    Smogon Tour 27 Host Signups

    sundays (though after today I'm gonna get stanned, so idm updating the sheet a lot)
  10. Havens

    LC LC Spring Seasonal III - Round 2

    won in 3, ggs
  11. Havens

    oi, on smogtours

    oi, on smogtours
  12. Havens

    My noon. In about 10 mins

    My noon. In about 10 mins
  13. Havens

    WIP Expert Belt Greninja (Dark)

    [OVERVIEW] Dark ======== *Nothing to add. [SET] name: All-out-Attacker (Dark) move 1: Hydro Pump move 2: Ice Beam move 3: Hidden Power Electric move 4: Grass Knot item: Expert Belt ability: Protean nature: Timid evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Moves ======== *Hydro Pump is...
  14. Havens

    Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Monotype Analyses: Reservation Index

    Discussed it over discord, I'd like to request doing Expert Belt Greninja for Dark. maroon would also like to take the same set on Water for a revamp.
  15. Havens

    Tournament UUPL VII - Week 3

    If you're gonna at least say to free Chras, do it right and at least use the #FreeChras tag and ask him if he wants to play Smash Ultimate. smh :blobglare:
  16. Havens

    Quality Control Flyinium Z Zeraora (Electric) (QC: 2/3)

    Just did for Rotom, koko pivoting was already there. Ty, next check plz~
  17. Havens

    LGPE OU Alolan Muk (GP: 1/2)

    Implemented. I didn't forget credits btw, I just don't know their QC ID's
  18. Havens

    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    Forretress (Bug) is GP ready~
  19. Havens

    Copyediting Forretress (Bug) (GP: 0/2)

    implemented, GP ready