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  1. Jordy

    Project Threats to OU Cores v2: Round 62: Rotom-W + Heatran

    Highlights Threat of the Round: : Gliscor usually isn't bothered by burns from Toxapex as long as it activates its Toxic Orb first and it switches into Magearna pretty well, often being able to make progress in the process. Additional Notes: None, good job everyone! Round 62 Core...
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    Resource Ultra Sun & Moon OU Analysis Discussion

    bigtalk Mega Charizard Y absolutely has to be able to hit Mega Tyranitar, Tyranitar, and most importantly, Heatran to be considered as a Defogger to begin with. Dropping Solar Beam is definitely the best possible thing to do because Water-types like Tapu Fini and Rotom-W are worn down pretty...
  3. Jordy

    Tournament OUPL V Usage Stats

    Thanks to Eo Ut Mortus for the tool! Week 4 SM OU + ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- + | Rank | Pokemon | Use | Usage % | Win % | + ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- + | 1 | Landorus-Therian | 15 | 50.00% | 40.00% | | 2 |...
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    Resource Ultra Sun & Moon OU Analysis Discussion

    We'll gradually be implementing changes to the analyses on-site, I'll use this post to summarize all the changes that are and aren't made. Alakazam A Modest nature was put in Set Details rather than as a slash because we felt that there aren't enough teams that don't really desire a Timid...
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    OU [OU] Mega Venusaur (QC 0/1) (GP 0/1)

    comments in purple things to remove in red PM me on Discord once this is implemented for 1/1.
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    WIP Clefable (Revamp) (QC 1/3)

    Following craing ;_;'s recent feedback, this analysis is going to go through a few changes: Make the current spread more special defensively oriented; Mention maximum Defense investment in moves; Split Usage Tips and Team Options into 2 paragraphs -- one will focus on specially defensive...
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    The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Signups

    Player Name: Jordy Tiers: SM OU Country / Region of Residence: The Netherlands Other Eligibility: Europe FREE
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    CAP 26 - Part 6 - Stat Spread Submissions

    Doing this should take less brainpower. WIP 102 / 50 / 96 / 133 / 118 / 60 (BST: 559) PT: 159,085 ST: 197,7 PS: 62,117 SS: 134,57 BSR: 299,62991 I've played around with a decent amount of spreads and think that this stat spread is fairly flexible in terms of what CAP 26 will want to achieve...
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    Quality Control Excadrill [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] * Excadrill is a staple on sand teams; it is a very threatening sweeper under sand thanks to Sand Rush, Swords Dance, and its good offensive and defensive typing, bringing a lot of utility to the table for sand teams. In addition to this, it has access to Rapid Spin, which is really...
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    Resource USM CAP C&C Index 2.0

    Excadrill is mine.
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    jyd ♪

    jyd ♪
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    Quality Control Mawile [QC: 0/3]

    comments in purple things to remove in red This is pretty good already, but I want to look over it once more.
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    Indigo Plateau (lol!)

    Indigo Plateau (lol!)