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    OU Victini (Z Celebrate)

    Alright, uploading
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    OU Infernape

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    Stall in SM OU

    Personally my problem is with Dugtrio itself, but if Dugtrio was such an effective tool against stall I imagine the goto counterplay to stall would be "just use Dugtrio" which clearly isn't true. It's undeniable that removing Dugtrio would weaken stall. My apologies. Hence the reason why I...
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    Stall in SM OU

    Here's a summary: The most problematic aspect of stall is Dugtrio, who cripples anti-stall counterplay by easily removing stallbreakers. The rise of GroundiumZ + Screen Dugtrio has made stall even more difficult to deal with. "Stallbreaker Pokemon" is an outdated concept, because you need...
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    OU Hoopa-U

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    OU Excadrill

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    OU Latios

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    OU Venusaur

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    OU Buzzwole

    Overview The pros / cons ratio is a bit lopsided. Buzzwole is nowhere near as good as it used to be, but it shouldn't have so many cons listed. In the first line, mention its high physical defense. merge the 3rd and 4th line together. cut out the 5th and 7th lines entirely. The rest looks...
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    OU Kyurem-B

    QC 2/3
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    OU Tapu Fini

    This seems solid QC 1/2
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    OU Gengar

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    OU Landorus-Therian

    QC 2/2 This is wonderful
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    OU Tapu Bulu

    Writing wise, this is good Nice work
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    OU Serperior

    QC 2/3
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    OU Zygarde-50%

    Do you think you could also talk about the history behind Zygarde's sets? Initially, Dragon Dance was all the rage, but it's more or less fallen out of favor. Talking about how players shifted towards Choice Band would make for an interesting bit of SM OU history. Otherwise this is great. QC 2/2
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    Thundurus-Therian [QC 0/3]

    Overview I wouldn't really call it a "good" sweeper, since it's pretty niche and kind of hard to use. I think "dangerous" is more accurate. It doesn't use any Flying-STAB, so I wouldn't say its typing "good" for offense. It has its fair share of pros and cons. I'd take the "great coverage +...
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    Volcanion [QC 0/3]

    Overview Probably worth mentioning Steam Eruption by name, since it's one the best reasons to use Volcanion. You should mention its many weaknesses to common types somewhere. I'd also go into more detail about it's slow Speed on a separate line, like the previous Overview. Choice Specs Why...
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    OU Mimikyu

    Overview Combine the first two lines together The 4th line isn't accurate. Mimikyu can clean because of its Swords Dance in conjunction with its typing. It has this obnoxious tendency of putting opponents in a checkmate position. Swords Dance Remove the Adamant nature slash. Outspacing the...
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    OU Victini

    I think Expert Belt probably warrants mentioning in Set Details or OO. Bluffing a choice set is great, though V-create ends up being much weaker as a result. Aside from that, this is great. 1/3 Very thorough