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  1. SkaterTrainer

    All Gens Oldest Battle Simulator

    I think this was before Shoddy and because stuff like Wish Chansey wasn't available on cartridge.
  2. SkaterTrainer

    All Gens Oldest Battle Simulator

    I remember having to go over my cousins house around the time D/P came out to use his desktop pc so I could download PBS. Jesus that was a decade ago.
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    Torkoal is a really good drought starter giving both rocks and rapid spin, but I wish we had Mega Houndoom. It's sad that sun's best mega is unreleased
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    Other OU CCAT (Round 6 Nominations)

    DD Petaya Berry Salamence NP M-Houndoom Agility Mega Altaria
  5. SkaterTrainer

    Hidden OU (Final reveal pg. 17)

    Competitive Raikou and Parential bond on the nidos is godlike.
  6. SkaterTrainer

    np: ORAS OU Suspect Testing, Round 1 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Greninja is Uber]

    1 day of the ladder being online, during a holiday is no an accurate representation of what the meta is like especially if you're not in the upper ranks. Greninja being gone allows a bunch of BL pokemon to be viable (Diggersby) and allows fairies to exist in the meta again. Greninja over...
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    Other ORAS Metagame Discussion

    His main problem is that regular swampert doesn't have a good easy switch in. Sure you can switch in on an electric type but every electric type in the tier is faster and has a way to cover swampert. If regular swampert had water absorb, or sap sipper, or could like completely take a common move...
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    XY OU The Birdz and Beez in the Trap [ORAS]

    ~The Birdz and Beez in the Trap~ Hello all, I haven't done a RMT in YEARS. Seriously, I think the last time was gen 4. When mega-beedrill was shown and I saw all the stats, I knew I had to try and make a team that could use his monstrous speed and adaptability u-turns. The result was something...
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    Super Smash Bros 4 (Spoilers ITT)

    If anyone has a spare code, I would really appreciate it
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    Pokémon Kingdra

    Well the only other sniper users are: Octillery, Drapion, Barbaracle, Beedrill, Fearow, and Ariados. It's not worth 100% crits if sniper isn't involved, not with the critical hit nerf. Kingdra really is the best abuser of this with stab draco meteor.
  11. SkaterTrainer

    Pokémon Kingdra

    It's not suppose to be like super good. It's a gimmick that's quite fun to use. Yeah sash screws me over but it's not meant to 6-0. But taunt doesn't work on subs in game, I think it's a Showdown glitch if I recall correctly.
  12. SkaterTrainer

    Pokémon Kingdra

    I'm not using focus energy, I'm using lansat berry, I know it doesn't get FE here is a very quick game when I 6-0 and play around trick room though
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    Pokémon Kingdra

    I've being using Scolipede + Kingdra as an early game sweep set up. I'm using lansat berry instead of focus energy on scolipede to pass because kingdra is just an early game hit until you die strategy for me. I try to get some iron defenses up on scolipede so I can take priority attacks with...
  14. SkaterTrainer

    Other 6th Gen Pokemon OU Candidate Speculation Thread

    Suicide leads are bad. The defog buff ensures that every team will probably carry at least 1 defogger or the same reason people packed roar in gen3, just in case people want to try and be cute with hazards.
  15. SkaterTrainer

    Pokémon Tyrantrum

    I've been trying out Tyrantrum on pokebank and dd eq dc and hs is amazing. I can't believe how good it is. I have a free switch into any talonflame set and proceed to sweep.
  16. SkaterTrainer

    Other Good Cores

    Charizard X's flare blitz kills any fairy not named Azumaril.
  17. SkaterTrainer

    Pokémon Talonflame

    This is what I've been doing. Vaporeon is great vs talonflame and can ever help with aegislash. With the swords dance version you can scald for the burn and without SD it long takes about 40% max so you can wish stall. With talonflame, during my matches I've only taken a max of 55% off brave bird.
  18. SkaterTrainer

    Item Assault Vest

    Tyranitar with assault vest is pretty much the best thing I've ever used. Taking 40% from mega gengar and crunch ohkoing it never felt so good.
  19. SkaterTrainer

    Other The state of entry hazards for gen 6

    Stealth rocks will still define the metagame. I don't care what people say about defog, what games will boil down to is, set up rocks, defog and get rid of their rocker/defogger, then set them up again. Stall will see a drop in play as the viability of keeping up hazards all game with a ghost...
  20. SkaterTrainer

    A Change in UT

    For those posting that they lurked and such, you're just continuing to not really post any content. You don't have to say that you lurked, just make more intelligent posts that are full of content, don't apologize.