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  1. Sickist

    Project OU Matchmaking V2 - Week 2 | Mega-Garchomp

    Alright, its voting time! We got alot of submissions this time, so vote for the best partner for Mega Garchomp! @ - Ophion @ - Solaros & Lunaris @ - Chris Freakin Pratt @ - Egor @ - DrPumpkinz @ - Steel With It @ - Counting Sheep @ - Mannat @ - SidPokeMe xapx...
  2. Sickist

    UU (WIP) Rotom-Heat

    yea should be ready either tonight or tomorrow, whoops.
  3. Sickist

    Tournament OUPL V - Semifinals

  4. Sickist

    SM UU First RMT! Help appreciated to improve in UU.

    Hello, cool team. Nasty Plot Celebi is a good mon in general, and a great Stallbreaker that can circumvent common NP Ape answers such as Mega Altaria, Mega Slowbro, Pyukumuku, etc. However, I noticed a few major flaws in the build, so I made some changes to address those issues. Major Changes...
  5. Sickist

    Project UU Matchmaking [Week 3 : Mega Beedrill / Voting]

    bump Moutemoute
  6. Sickist

    Project OU Matchmaking V2 - Week 2 | Mega-Garchomp

    Voting goes up in 24ish hours. If youve made a reservation, now would be the time to add sets/descriptions.
  7. Sickist

    USUM UU Viability Ranking Thread V3

    um Hilomilo did you forget Weezing or just didn't accept the nom?
  8. Sickist

    Resource USM OU Sample Teams v2 (up)

    yea, that was an oversight on my part. whoops, will delete post.
  9. Sickist

    Gen 4 Won't Get Fooled Again (DPP UU)

    -[=]-Won't Get Fooled Again-[=]- (Crappy banner made by me stealing images off google and photoshopping together, so thanks to whoever made original art) (Click for importable) Hello everyone! Sickist here, back with another RMT. This time with a lot more effort put into it, and to have fun...
  10. Sickist

    tomorrow at 8:30 pm (GMT -4) sound good?

    tomorrow at 8:30 pm (GMT -4) sound good?
  11. Sickist

    Tournament UUPL VII Commencement Thread

    Donphantastic, despite me maybe or maybe not going out of my way to hide from you to not be spammed, you know I'm always happy to help you test, especially with me being kinda new to the tier. Every battle I use for more experience, and you get to test your teams, and I appreciate that. I hope I...
  12. Sickist

    Project PU Next Best Thing! (Week 13: Victreebel)

    Actually didn't do specs, but did do this: Victreebel @ Black Sludge Ability: Chlorophyll EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Acid Spray / Giga Drain - Encore / Sleep Powder / Stun Spore - Knock Off - Synthesis Bell has a decent defensive typing, allowing it to come in on...
  13. Sickist

    Project Player Of The Week Revived: Week 9 - gum

    Besides sample teams and looking at resources and stuff, where would you suggest a beginner to start to learn PU, just from personal experience yourself?
  14. Sickist

    Project What's Their Last? v2 [Week 11: Submission phase]

    bro you have timid and 8 defense, unless thats intended, but idts considering your calc
  15. Sickist

    Project OU Matchmaking V2 - Week 2 | Mega-Garchomp

    Alright, that rounds of this cycle! Congrats to Mannat for winning with his Excadrill submission. Archive will be updated with your submission ASAP. With that aside, your next contestant you need to find a friend for is... Mega Garchomp was once looked upon as this generation's hot garbage...
  16. Sickist

    yo man, we gotta play for cores in common. I'm free anyday after 8pm (GMT -4) except on...

    yo man, we gotta play for cores in common. I'm free anyday after 8pm (GMT -4) except on Saturdays. leme know when you wanna play.
  17. Sickist

    Project PU Victim of the Week! (revamp) S2 W2: Victreebel (Voting)

    Scyther @ Choice Scarf Ability: Technician EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - U-turn - Aerial Ace - Brick Break - Knock Off / Bug Bite / Toxic Cannot switch into Victreebell other than it's Grass STAB and Growth if it's running it but can outrun it and OHKO it even under sun...
  18. Sickist

    Tournament Cores in Common!

    why no letting me cook Twilight r1 ;-;
  19. Sickist

    Project PU Victim of the Week! (revamp) S2 W2: Victreebel (Voting)

    Checks: Hitmonchan and Manectric Counters: Quag and Puke-oo