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  1. Battle of ??? (you pick!) Sign-ups

    Sinnoh, I'm in. IGN: Tenacity, FC: 0903-2751-0161
  2. [Online Competition] Festive Feud

    Managed to complete all of the ten battles today - kinda. My opponent D/C'd on team preview for the tenth match, yet the server still logged me out after my ninth complete battle. Hopefully I can make up for it tomorrow. Anyway, my current record is 8-1 W/L. Mega Gardevoir is a beast with the...
  3. (Mods close) This giveaway sucks. Contact the distributors.

    I've actually been looking for one of these for a while. May I have one? 4083 5400 1527.
  4. It's about time.

    Dragonite @ Life Orb / Leftovers Rash Nature MultiScale 56 ATK / 252 SPA / 200 SPE ~Dragon Dance ~Dragon Claw ~Brick Break ~Flamethrower Absolutely wrecks everything after a Dragon Dance, and Flamethrower is there for the steel types. Initially I used this for Jirachi because it wouldn't be...
  5. GEN5 Shiny Poke'thon. I take on breeeding projects...(that are worth my while..)

    Alright, awesome. You don't need to clone her, I'm not too bothered. Is it possible you can nickname Axew 'Reaper'? I'd appreciate it. My FC is: 4083 5400 1527 See you online. :] EDIT: Exit and go back into the server. That should fix any problems. EDIT2: Thanks again for the trade...
  6. GEN5 Shiny Poke'thon. I take on breeeding projects...(that are worth my while..)

    Alright, Dream World Nidoran is female. It's IVs are this: Bold Nature 23/9/26/2/12/5 So yeah, not the best. As for decently IV'd Dream World Pokemon, I only have my Vulpix. Rash: 28/x/28/26/31/20
  7. GEN5 Shiny Poke'thon. I take on breeeding projects...(that are worth my while..)

    Alright. I updated my post with some of my flawless Pokemon. If none of those tickle your fancy, Nick, I also have a few Burmy (all with silly nicknames >>), a nicknameable Vanillite, a Dunsparce (NN Whealburoh) or a Lileep, most with quint/pent flawless IVs in the stats they need them.
  8. GEN5 Shiny Poke'thon. I take on breeeding projects...(that are worth my while..)

    I'm interested in your Shiny Axew with Night Slash. I can offer these DW Females: Surskit (Relaxed) Stantler (Careful) Female Nidoran (Bold) Sentret (Adamant) Tangela (Lax) Hoppip (Docile) Sunkern (Gentle) Vulpix (Varying natures, been bred so probably have a few 31 IVs too.) Poliwag...
  9. WSC Megathread ~ Week 14 - Dark of the Moon: It All Ends

    I don't know what led me to think a Snubbull head was a suitable starting point for this task. I just.... And I can't be the only one who used to think jellyfish stings were electric shocks back when I was younger, right? "These Pokemon have stingers laced with poison. They are known for...
  10. 5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

    Ignore my above post, I think I've got it and in my last attempt I was a mere 3 delays away from getting it right. I'm hoping to get it in my next few attempts; I'll post my results if I do!
  11. 5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

    Okay, first time 5th Gen RNG noob here. Last night I was trying to RNG for any Pokemon in the Lostlorn Forest as a test. I only have a 3Ds, so I was doing C-Gear seeds on Pokemon Black. I believe my spread was something like 30/31/31/31/30/31 or something like that, with a frame of 3. So because...
  12. MMX's Solo Adventure

    I'd very much appreciate if you traded me the Shiny Meowth. Does a Timid Drought Vulpix sound good? Female of course.
  13. Past Gen RNG Research

    So, what moves the frame? Randomly waiting? If so, how long should I wait? Advancing the frame also changes nature, correct? I have a spread where four IVs are passed down. If I can find myself the Power Item for Special Defense and pass that down (it's originally an IV of 2, not great) and...
  14. Past Gen RNG Research

    How would a Power Item affect things? Would all the IVs be passed down INCLUDING the IV passed down with the Power Item, or would one be swapped out?
  15. List of Released Dream World Pokemon and Attacks

    Is it me, or do the Pokemon have multiple set natures when they come from the Dream World? The Sunkern I got has only been Bold, Naive and another nature I don't remember. EDIT: Found out, Rash was the other nature. EDIT2: And an unknown neutral nature. Maybe I'm just unlucky?
  16. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    I'll start this later. I need to get the Spheal first. >:D[/I]
  17. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    [/I] Need three more.
  18. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Accepted the Spheal, didn't accept Starly because it is impossible, rejected Glameow because it didn't seem hard enough for my needs, and rejected Gyarados because of the new rule above. Took Spheal because it was the most interesting. Five more, sorry to those who I rejected.
  19. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    TreadShot A1, this is your time to shine. ;) A'ight, I'm doing a Pokemon Pearl run. Rules are here: 1) RED BECAUSE MUST BE READ (cwutididthar?) I want this challenge to be one of the most difficult in existence. As such, I want you guys to make the Pokemon I use as difficult as possible...
  20. WSC Megathread & Hall of Fame

    Watch this: Then look at this: ~Surely it's better to have curanail, then to have criminails? Joke entries are fun.