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  1. Gen 2 GSC NU Tier List

    Jorgen i think the three pokemon that were in discussion *7 years ago* were kingdra, slowbro, and nidoqueen. i backpedaled on kingdra (and maybe slowbro as well) fairly quickly.
  2. Gen 2 Sleep Trapping

    damn we both brought up lapras at the exact same moment... using the exact same diction. trippy. Edit: Damn. Even your paragraph 1 reads the same as mine.
  3. Gen 2 Sleep Trapping

    yeah i've always been on the end of no sleep trapping altogether, so naturally when asked to set up PO rules i implemented what i thought was most fair. there isn't really a healthy way to use sleep trapping that isn't utterly cheesing kills -- but abuse on a whole is really a technicality in...
  4. Gen 2 GSC Cup III Usage Stats

    BKC doesn't stats back the fact that stalls are winning more and that team losing more? or am i missing something... also, am i using the internet wrong or do the past spls not have the same usage stats on 4-5 pokemon? i'm not sure where to find those, single pokemon usage is not very telling.
  5. Gen 2 GSC Cup III Usage Stats

    yes, too much net teaming. there's no reason my team (which was designed to be anti-meta) should be the meta. it doesn't excel in that way. moreover vaporeon usage is too high for the same reason. some of the 4-5 pokemon combinations are simply braindead net teaming. stalls should always be...
  6. Gen 2 GSC Cup III Usage Stats

    love this. technology is a hell of a technology
  7. Gen 2 No Lax GSC

    is raikou better than zapdos in said meta? like is top dog really top dog now?
  8. Gen 2 No Lax GSC

    can other people post so i can vicariously live through everyone?
  9. All Gens Ruins of Alph Player of the Week: Fear

    I think I was asked to do one of these a while back but I was inactive for like 4 months. I can do one if anyone is interested
  10. Gen 2 GSC OU Viability Ranking Thread V2

    I don't think so. Just because Nidoqueen is the best pokemon in UU doesn't mean that translates at all well in the OU metagame. None of her strengths carry over. It's like if WNBA players have to play in the NBA, it doesn't matter if the best players in the WNBA are tall centers, cause they're...
  11. Gen 2 SkarmBliss in GSC OU!

    skarm also needs curse if you want to not lose vs last poke curselax.
  12. Gen 2 SkarmBliss in GSC OU!

    and sing.
  13. Gen 2 SkarmBliss in GSC OU!

    what the hell is this
  14. All Gens Most Dominant Pokemon in History II

    you can "quantify" dominance a bit by the usage difference between #1 and #2, #2 and #3, and so on. suddenly tauros's 96% compared to the 90 and 84 of #2 and #3 isnt so standout.
  15. Gen 2 Smogon Premier League: GSC OU Discussion

    double edge best move confirmed. appreciate the time and effort Bughouse
  16. Gen 2 GSC OU Viability Ranking Thread V2

    the niche kanga occupies cannot be compared to the one sandslash is in. the fact that you used giga drain egg as an example is bewildering. and i never say bewildering. and the fact that you used the phrase "5-6 turn 1" means you have no idea how sandslash is meant to be played. i think they...
  17. Gen 2 GSC OU Viability Ranking Thread V2

    the snorlax argument being, everything is an exception when it comes to snorlax. so while in most cases, being a strictly inferior version of another pokemon basically means it's unusable in ou play, being a strictly weaker version of snorlax doesn't necessarily mean that (see the plethora of...
  18. Gen 2 GSC OU Viability Ranking Thread V2

    i think smeargle should be at most 1 rank below jolteon. they really belong on the same teams anyway. jolteon has more utility outside a pure bp team, but smeargle plays a much bigger role inside a bp team. i'm ok with smeargle c+/b-, and jolteon b-. i don't think jolteon is anywhere near b+...
  19. Gen 2 Freeze Clause

    i think netbattle started off having sleep/freeze as one clause? or maybe that was gsbots. either way, i remember seeing some real bullshit with it off though. 2 freezes in a row is auto-win.
  20. Gen 2 SPL players watch your butts

    what a riveting story.