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  1. PokeTroopa

    SM OU “Double Defog? Y’all are Stupid.” Mega Metagross Suspect Test Qualifier

    Hey all, this is the team I recently got my Mega Metagross requirements with and I thought I’d take the chance to share it before Ash-Greninja gets the boot in about a month and since the team isn’t stall or baton pass. So let’s get started. Greninja-Ash @ Life Orb Ability: Battle Bond...
  2. PokeTroopa

    ORAS OU Pikachu Can Do It Too! Peaked #77 at 1855

    So I haven’t really taken OU too seriously since XY OU due to the Greninja ban, so I kind of just dabbled with it here and there using random teams. One of the teams utilized Mega Venusaur and Pikachu as a sort of troll team, and after seeing more success in that team than I thought I’d get, I...