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  1. looiiyut

    SM LC Pesciolino Furioso

    Hi guys! looiiyut here, but you can find me on PS! as Br3to. I started playing LC in the last two months of Oras because I was really bored of OU, and eventually I fell in love with this tier. I've been using the alts peche, rododendro and catapecchia on the LC ladder. I like exploring the world...
  2. looiiyut

    XY OU The Wrongtoad and Piroetta (Poliwrath and Avalugg team - 1700+)

    Hi guys! I'm looiiyut2 and this my first RMT. I made this team just for fun and to test the "wrongtoad" poliwrath on OU tier. Why poliwrath? Because i'm mad and I like testing stuff like this! The real reason is the rising in the usage of crawdaunt due to Aim's video in which he used Hugo's team...