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  1. WallaceTheChampion

    I can't be here at 3PM (sorry) because I need to go somewhere but at 4PM I am home so is that...

    I can't be here at 3PM (sorry) because I need to go somewhere but at 4PM I am home so is that also OK?
  2. WallaceTheChampion

    Online Competition Tiny Tourney [NOW ON SHOWDOWN]

    Can someone plz give me a decent team? i decided today that I was going to participate but I dont have a team yet. ( I am just looking for sets not for Pokémon in-game)
  3. WallaceTheChampion

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2017 - Signups

    Pokémon Showdown Username: WallaceTheChampion Tiers: SM OU Country/State Of Residence: Belgium
  4. WallaceTheChampion

    CAP Updates: Pyroak Hidden Ability Poll

    No Hidden Ability White Smoke
  5. WallaceTheChampion

    International Challenge May 2017

    Why Ditto, it is not any good in VGC'17 and is not gonna help you and why no Discharge instead of Thunderbolt on Tapu Koko?
  6. WallaceTheChampion

    Favorite Room?

    Wi-Fi, Battle Spot and Nederlands!
  7. WallaceTheChampion

    Metagame Mega Evolution in Sun & Moon

    Once it is released in-game.
  8. WallaceTheChampion

    Who are your favorite PokeTubers?

    Verlisify Ehm i guess JackTheBattlerYT(, Alex Ogloza(, WolfeyVGC ( and GroudonEmpire (
  9. WallaceTheChampion

    Zapdos Preview Singles (QC 0/1)

    [OVERVIEW] * * * * * [SET] name: SET NAME move 1: move 2: move 3: move 4: item: ability: nature: evs: [SET COMMENTS] * * * * *
  10. WallaceTheChampion

    Battle Spot Gen 7 Mence-Aegi Offence or am i Charging under the Sunlight?

    How i builded the team: I builded the Team by combining 2 Cores: "Gen 7 Mence-Aegi Offence" (Tapu Koko, Mega-Salamence and Aegislash) and "Charging under the sunlight?"( Charizard-Y, Landorus-T and Tapu Koko) but then i only had 5 mons with 3 of them being Special Attackers so i added Kartana...
  11. WallaceTheChampion

    Alolan Ninetales Preview (Doubles) (QC 0/1)

    QC: 0/1 [OVERVIEW] *Alolan Ninetales is a fast Pokémon with fantastic offensive typing, a fantastic ability wich sets Hail and gives Blizzard 100% accuracy! *Alolan Ninetales has acces to a powerful move that sets both Reflect and Light Screen in one turn but unfortunately it can only be...
  12. WallaceTheChampion

    Pokemon Previews: Explanation and Reservation

    Reserving Alolan Ninetales for Doubles! EDIT: Alolan Ninetales is ready for QC so i am now gonna take Zapdos for Singles!
  13. WallaceTheChampion

    Special Battle Spot Special Season 4: 1v1! (6v6 team preview)

    After some theorymonning i came up with this Porygon-Z set: Porygon-Z @ Choice Scarf Ability: Adaptability EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Hyper Beam - Dark Pulse - Thunderbolt - Tri Attack You basically lead with Porygon-Z if Hyper Beam hits neutral...
  14. WallaceTheChampion

    Special Battle Spot Special Season 4: 1v1! (6v6 team preview)

    The Special Battle rules for Season 4 have been revealed. Season 4 will run from May 16th 2017 to July 18th 2017 and runs on Sun & Moon. This ruleset requires you to bring up to 6 Pokémon to the selection screen, but you only bring 1 Pokémon to the battle. Mega Stones, Focus Sash, Z-Crystals and...