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  1. RODAN

    Serious 2020 Democratic Candidates Discussion

    pretty weird that he would insinuate that the dnc has it out for him. theres never been any evidence of this happening
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    Anime Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    i started watching seasonals in fall 2013. so slightly over 5 years of this bullshit. decided im going to post my top 50ish shows ive watched live since then. chronological order and ill bold the really good ones. in red are what i consider truly great shows that i love a lot kill la kill...
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    the rise of cancel culture

    we've all seen it. its increasingly more common as time passes. some celeb, or even some random person gets something dug up about them from years and years ago and is suddenly a target of a hate mob. often times losing their job prospects or any chance at living a normal life. people are...
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    The SCP Foundation: General discussion Thread
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    About the Furry Fandom.

    so is the furry community like a cult
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    Serious The environment asks for help, do your part!

    this recent study shows that china is emitting an insane amount of illegal gases that are destroying the atmosphere
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    General News Discussion Thread

    the krassensteins were permanently banned off twitter
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    Circus Survivor Season VII - And the winner is...

    forum survivor sucks ass because unless you are pregame friends with most of the cast you have no shot. i was never going to make it past premerge no matter how hard i tried. its stupid. i probably will never sign up for a survivor game again
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    Anime Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    hitori bocchi is the best new show of the season. sarazanmai is a close second in this gamers opinion.
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    itt: movie/film discussion (spoilers lol)

    im not saying you have to im just saying the mindset one should be in when watching them. ie not comparing them to current movies because of the differences in the worlds culture. its fine if you only like movies from 1980-on or whatever your cut off date is. i dont really care about that, it...
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    itt: movie/film discussion (spoilers lol)

    i think a movie being dated shouldn't detract from its enjoyment. you have to look at it as it was released and not through a modern lens or else youre going to find a lot that you don't like about older movies.
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    itt: movie/film discussion (spoilers lol)

    i watched the korean movie Castaway on the Moon last night and it instantly skyrocketed to top 5 if not top 3 favourite movies i've ever seen. i'm going to try not to spoil so I will just give a basic synopsis. a man tries to kill himself and ends up stranded on an island in the middle of a...
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    Serious [Meme]Change my mind: My brother did

    its not saying that you are virtue signalling, its just saying that there are some things a white person will have an inherently biased perspective of and that you should generally not racesplain to someone who is actually of the race. it makes you come off as if you know more about the plight...
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    short walrus

    im rodan and this is jackass this is a miniature walrus, because its easier to do. i hate meme music category 1: the supernatural - submit some songs about ghosts or mummies or mothman or something examples: the ghostbusters song. you know the one the entirety of the album horror show by iced...