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    yo, count me out. thanks

    yo, count me out. thanks
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    haven't had it. but i do have forbidden fruit

    haven't had it. but i do have forbidden fruit
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    your avatar looks like you lost a bet to dk and had to put one of his choosing

    your avatar looks like you lost a bet to dk and had to put one of his choosing
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    Crypto Currency

    There's a lot of speculation that it had to do with news of potential crypto exchange bans in China and South Korea, but nobody really knows. However this article points out an interesting tidbit: Bitcoin hit major lows around the...
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    Resource USUM OU ULTRA Viability Ranking Thread

    Actually the decline of 'mons like that are a good reason that Kartana could rise if anything, since that means good counterplay is less common. It's extremely difficult to stop defensively, and Zapdos isn't exactly a perfect answer, espeically because speedy 3 attacks variants are better than...
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    Crypto Currency

    I learn more each day and my understanding and perception of this market continues to change. And yeah now I agree Ripple and Tron are bad examples. Interesting that XRP tokens may actually see use now, though
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    Crypto Currency

    I'm up over a grand with some minor dabbling. Currently investing a bit more and hoping for better returns. Tried to buy Tron when it was 10 cents but Binance was crashing, so I didn't get it until it was much pricier :( I think there's a bubble in the sense that almost all cryptocurrency is...
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    Resource USUM OU ULTRA Viability Ranking Thread

    The real problem with Infernape's "versatility" is that none of those niches it can perform are really all that viable or relevant, when you compare their performance to other pokemon in the metagame. Kinda similar to in ORAS when people kept lobbying for it to go from C+ to B- because it can do...
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    Resource USUM Creative & Underrated Sets

    currently empty
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    Resource USUM Creative & Underrated Sets

    Approved by me Rules: - Provide quality replay(s) or your post is getting deleted - Do not critique someone just to end up advertising your own set - Your set should be either creative or underrated, not standard, and shouldn't be outclassed by something else - There should be a good reason...
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    Project SM OU Lure That Threat v2 Round 45 - Heart Swap Magearna

    Not that Gunk Shot Ash Greninja doesn't work, but I think Ice Beam would be generally more practical. Even if it's somewhat known, it's still an effective lure, as most AV Bulus are being used as a primary or secondary Greninja check 252 SpA Choice Specs Greninja Ice Beam vs. 248 HP / 56 SpD...
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    Resource USUM OU ULTRA Viability Ranking Thread

    While Koko fills a similar function to Manectric, I'll agree that a comparison doesn't prevent Mane from rising, since there's already a large gap between them. Instead, I would just take a look at B- rank and question if Manectric is as effective as any of the pokemon there. The answer to me is...
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    Announcement Naganadel is now banned from OU

    The OU Council has decided to ban Naganadel from the OU tier. Naganadel is a pokemon that has all the right things going for it; a great dual stab combination, excellent offensive stats, the ability Beast Boost, and exactly what it needs in its movepool. The set that we believe breaks this...
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    Metagame USUM Memetagame Discussion was a mistake

    I feel inclined to respond to p2's post because while I think he makes some valid points, I also think that the conclusions he comes to based on the facts don't really match the picture I see. 1. Sure, Phero set up on defensive Lando (albeit usually putting it into range of any priority, should...
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    SM OU Suspect Process, Round 5, Voting

    Dugtrio Arena Trap: Ban
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    Resource SM Creative Sets

    With regards to the stallbreaker Clefable you can also use a Psychium Z set that's still fully invested in defenses - no need for SpA investment. What this does is still allow you to take hits better but Psych Z smacks Toxapex at +1 with Rocks up. Granted this set has a bit more trouble with...
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v4

    I used Z Thunder Lele as a Diancie partner and it's not that bad because it helps beat down some of Diancie's checks and obviously providing priority immune is nice. Sharing weaknesses constrains the build, and I agree ultimately that Bulu and Koko are better partners. BTW for Mega Latias I...
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    The NFL Fantasy Football Thread, 2017-18 Season

    Returning in league B. Like I said I forgot my name but it was Green Eggs and Graham or Bill Cosbys Sleepers.
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    Resource SM OU Viability Ranking Thread

    I don't wanna derail the thread too much so I'll try to make this quick. I should first state that my goal is to spread knowledge, not misinformation. That said, apparently my last post regarding SD Scizor was misinformed so it's only right that I clear that up as to not steer anyone in the...