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  1. WallaceTheChampion

    Zapdos Preview Singles (QC 0/1)

    [OVERVIEW] * * * * * [SET] name: SET NAME move 1: move 2: move 3: move 4: item: ability: nature: evs: [SET COMMENTS] * * * * *
  2. WallaceTheChampion

    Battle Spot Gen 7 Mence-Aegi Offence or am i Charging under the Sunlight?

    How i builded the team: I builded the Team by combining 2 Cores: "Gen 7 Mence-Aegi Offence" (Tapu Koko, Mega-Salamence and Aegislash) and "Charging under the sunlight?"( Charizard-Y, Landorus-T and Tapu Koko) but then i only had 5 mons with 3 of them being Special Attackers so i added Kartana...
  3. WallaceTheChampion

    Alolan Ninetales Preview (Doubles) (QC 0/1)

    QC: 0/1 [OVERVIEW] *Alolan Ninetales is a fast Pokémon with fantastic offensive typing, a fantastic ability wich sets Hail and gives Blizzard 100% accuracy! *Alolan Ninetales has acces to a powerful move that sets both Reflect and Light Screen in one turn but unfortunately it can only be...
  4. WallaceTheChampion

    Special Battle Spot Special Season 4: 1v1! (6v6 team preview)

    The Special Battle rules for Season 4 have been revealed. Season 4 will run from May 16th 2017 to July 18th 2017 and runs on Sun & Moon. This ruleset requires you to bring up to 6 Pokémon to the selection screen, but you only bring 1 Pokémon to the battle. Mega Stones, Focus Sash, Z-Crystals and...
  5. WallaceTheChampion

    WallaceTheChampion's Tradings Place!

    INTRODUCTION: Hello everybody! My name is WallaceTheChampion and i recently started collecting Competitive Pokémon to trade away and i thought it was time to start a thrade thread on Smogon! I dont have much Pokémon yet for trade but i do my best to collect more Pokémon...
  6. WallaceTheChampion

    Incineroar (QC 0/2)

    INCINEROAR [OVERVIEW] *Incineroar is not the best Fire-type around but he has some nice options, and is a really good bulky Sweeper under Trick Room. When Incineroar's HA is released, Incineroar will be much better because his HA Intimidate is one of the best abilitys in Doubles. *Incineroar...
  7. WallaceTheChampion

    WallaceTheChampion's Breedreject giveaway!

    (Note to Mods: please dont close this thread this giveaway has no close date.) ================================ WALLACETHECHAMPION's BREEDREJECT GIVEWAY! INTRO I recently started breeding for competitive Pokémon in Sun and Moon, and i got a lot of Pokémon with 4 or 5 IVS and i want to give...
  8. WallaceTheChampion

    International Challenge April 2017

    The Pokémon Global Link announced the new Online Competition: The International Challenge April 2017! This means that the competition will follow the VGC'17 rules: *Double Battles *Alola Dex Pokémon Only *Pokémon need to be catched or hatched in Alola *Mega Stones Banned *Cosmog, Cosmoem...
  9. WallaceTheChampion

    Incineroar Singles (QC 0/3)

    [OVERVIEW] Incineroar is a Fire/Dark type with good Attack and a sp.def and def staf of 90 base stats. He has a bad speed stat so he can be used under Trick Room! He has some nice Physical Moves: *Flare Blitz *Darkest Lariat *Earthquake *Brick Break *Cross Chop *Outrage And he can also...
  10. WallaceTheChampion

    Buzzwole Preview [Singles] (QC 0/1)

    [OVERVIEW] Buzzwole is a Pokémon with great Attack and Defense, a mediocre speed stat, a bad sp.att and sp.def stat and an ok HP Stat: *Great Attack stat so he can deal massive damage *Great Defense stat *Good defensive typing *Acces to a recovery move: Roost *Low sp.def stat so special...
  11. WallaceTheChampion

    Project DOU Replays thread

    Share here your PS! replays in Doubles OU!