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  1. Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Similar to what the posters above me said, my Gardevoir activated trace 3 times at the start of a Triple Battle. Traced Chlorophyll, then Magic Guard twice. Appeared to have Magic Guard as its ability before it went Mega.
  2. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 21 (READ THE OP)

    The new poke is sent in at the begining of the next turn in DPP. So all those effects happen before. Also expanding on what Golden Steelix said, when the poke uses an offensive move, it will say "There is no target pokemon," and things like Explosion will not KO the user.
  3. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 21 (READ THE OP)

    If your friend hatched a legit Budew/Roselia normally (no hacks on PID/IVs/Nature), and then used hacks to just teach it those moves, the hack is undetectable.
  4. Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - November 2009

    Thank you Doug. And people surprised at the rebound of Mence and drop of Gyara, it really isn't that big. Aside from Scizor the top 6 are very close to each other. Also.... | Scizor | HP EV | Max | 15.7 | The amount of people using the "wrong" amount of EVs for...
  5. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 21 (READ THE OP)

    If I'm correct, The next test round is Stage 4, which will test out Species Clause, OHKO clause, and Evasion Clause not being present in OU. Other things reguarding clauses might also be tested. A test for a poke is likely not to happen for a long time (or it will be a Manaphy test soon if a...
  6. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 21 (READ THE OP)

    Well, about the Giratina, it was thought at first that the Arceus Event pokemon would know their HGSS special moves as Event moves, but they actually learn them by Level (somewhere around L 20 for Giratina's Shadow Sneak if thats what you are wondering), so nothing wrong there. And I think...
  7. Stage 3-2 Vote

    Garchomp - Uber Latias - OU Manaphy - OU
  8. Removing the "egg rule"

    Thats why the "Must be in lowest evolved stage" and "Must be able to evolve" rules are also in place. I was trying to say to just swap out the current egg rule with a more clarified version, all the other rules stay in place.
  9. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 21 (READ THE OP)

    The 24 SpA is needed for a Life Orb Fire Blast to guarentee a OHKO on Skarmory That would depend who you are fighting. If its your friends, chances are it won't matter that much. If you are battling competively with a DS Cartridge, then that Azelf is bad. Lead Azelf needs a +speed...
  10. Removing the "egg rule"

    I see little problem with changing the rule from "The Pokémon must have hatched from an egg." to something like "The Pokemon's species must be able to hatch from an egg." In fact I believe that is close to the Stadium 2 description of LC. The goal of our LC is mimicing the actual LC in...
  11. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 21 (READ THE OP)

    Actually the type items and plates give an identical 20% boost (ex Charcoal = Flame Plate). Muscle Band and Wise Glasses are a 10% boost.
  12. Final Stage 3-2 Voters

    Confirming mudkip72. Woot, I get to keep that Check Box thingy under my name!
  13. How did you pick your Avatar?

    Simple, Kirby is a badass. I'm proably going to change my avatar if I ever come across something awesomer or feel very Mudkip-ish and change it to a Mudkip.
  14. Division of Ubers

    I agree that removing all of the "Uber pokemon of Ubers" will result in OU. If we removed Kyogre, then Groudon would be much stronger. Then we remove Groudon and then maybe Rayquaza will appear too powerful. Eventually enough ubers are removed in this way that the tier looks simular to the...
  15. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 21 (READ THE OP)

    The Latias/Manaphy/Garchomp vote will occur once whoever is in charge of stat collecting determines the elligable Shoddy usernames, and then the ellegible voters need to claim their Shoddy usernames. Basically, I'd estimate a week or 2. But no one really knows, the mods can do whatever when it...
  16. CAP 9 Colossoil Playtesting

    I would say replace Megahorn with U-turn, and consider for the 3rd slot Self-Destruct or maybe Stone Edge. And yeah, it seems like we may not have succeeded in stopping the secondary. Due to Collosoils power and wide array or attacks, no one wants to waste a moveslot for Rapid Spin or Taunt...
  17. Suspect Test Process Stage Three - Version 2.0!

    So playing suspect won't do anything starting today? Cool. If I retain my voters right's this round I am going to be voting Latias OU (this needs no explanation), Manaphy OU (I beleive we vote OU or Uber based on their power in the Suspect Metagame. Manaphy is defininitly not overpowered here...
  18. CAP 9 Colossoil Playtesting

    So far so good. Collosoil hasn't been that overwhelming so far, most people are running offensive sets with U-turn and other attacks. My biggest problem with the playtest is the amount of Starmie. Its maddening. I have yet to see any noticable changes in the amount of secondary moves compared...
  19. Suspect Test Process Stage Three - Version 2.0!

    But Sand Veil is not the reason for Chomp's uberness. Sand Veil is just the icing on the cake that allows for another advantage over other pokemon, and Gliscor and Cacturne's stats and typing just don't compare to Garchomp. And on Ice Fang/Avalanche, its preference, I'd use Ice Fang just...
  20. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 21 (READ THE OP)

    Pokemon Ranger (1) has only Manaphy. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia has Darkrai, Manaphy, and some crappy Riolu, HOWEVER you can only get the extra missions in Shadows of Almia by activating them through Wi-fi within a cetain time period. This has long passed and who knows if there will...