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  1. YashGreninja

    Tournament Monotype Premier League V - Player Signups

    Name: YashGreninja Meta games played: All Time zone: Central Standard Time Potential Activity Issues: no
  2. YashGreninja

    im ur biggest fan - Naruto

    im ur biggest fan - Naruto
  3. YashGreninja

    PSPL VII Group Stages: Week 1

    Go Sports! Go Trivia!
  4. YashGreninja

    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Please change my birthday to June 18th, 2000, and also make my username have Y and G capitalized, rather than it all be in lowercase. ya--tdp
  5. YashGreninja

    Random Battles Team Tour 2 Signups

    Smogon Username: yashgreninja PS Username: TMSCA Preferred Formats: Random Battle, Random Doubles, Battle Factory Timezone: CST (GMT-6) Foreseeable Inactivity: Should be okay for most times but school is unpredictable, and also the week that I am posting this, I have exams so I can't participate...