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  1. Dallasboi1992

    XY OU Mega Heracross And Company

    So I was working around with another team in my arsenal and wanted to plug Mega Heracross into the slot that one of the other Pokemon was in. Turns out I could plug in some other stuff onto the team. Results with this team have been rather mixed, but lean more positively in my opinion. Any...
  2. Dallasboi1992

    XY OU Latios's Gambit

    So when I was building this team, I was originally going to make a team around Victini for viability ranking testing. Then looking at one of the ideas I had for the team going around Latios & another member of the team (I'll explain later), I saw that the idea had the potential to be DISGUSTING...
  3. Dallasboi1992

    XY OU Slowbro Stall

    So I've been watching some threads and some discussions here and there and saw some chatter about Slowbro and its potential. I wound up getting pretty interested and opted to make a team around Slowbro. Due to its bulky water status, access to Regenerator, Slack Off, and Scald, the best way to...
  4. Dallasboi1992

    QuickNasty Momentum

    So Froslass was being suspect tested in UU so I opted to make a team for it and try to ladder. This team turned out to be fun and I've been liking it. I'm close to reqs on the regular UU ladder with this team, but I feel like tweaks could be made. So without further ado, here's the team...