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  1. Metagame Inheritance

    I don't really like ninjask when scarf skill linkrock blast archeops exist.I would use zeraora for that slot.Give zeraora 64hp and it's all good.
  2. Metagame Camomons

    I like camomons.There are still lots of team building potential in this meta.Gonna introduce a team with some interesting sets. Dragonite and its happy fellows: Description; Hope you guys enjoy this meta.
  3. Metagame Camomons

    I suggest toxic>glare for zygarde to get pass those bulky grass/ghost trying to stop you from running rampant(bar celebi,that mon is perfect zygarde counter.)and I should say that normal/ghost lucario is actually pretty good(also noivern and zardx to some extent.Others are shit).I doubted if...
  4. Metagame Shared Power [Under Re-Construction!]

    tbh I've played lv1 strat with a couple of games,and teams usually have measures to deal with that kind of shit.Namely moldy mons,hazards and a few multihit moves.
  5. Metagame Shared Power [Under Re-Construction!]

    This can also be read as "No matter how powerful you are I gonna take one,and I can just maximum offense to 2hko you",which make stacking offensive power meaningless against that kind of team.And offense vs offense will be "Whoever run sturdy wins",or use hazard to break sturdy,which can be...
  6. Metagame Shared Power [Under Re-Construction!]

    just fucking click gear grind lol
  7. Metagame Shared Power [Under Re-Construction!]

    I doubted if bulletproof block zap cannon
  8. Metagame Shared Power [Under Re-Construction!]

    I don't see a klefki in your team at first tho
  9. Metagame Shared Power [Under Re-Construction!]

    one unaware cloyster 6 0 this team
  10. Metagame Shared Power [Under Re-Construction!]

    Ttttteeeee is my alt. I've tried a gale wings team and a pure hax team(lol),but I find the team below the most consistent. NestorKennard this is the team you mentioned in your post. This is actually not my original team.I just copy someone's team I fought on...
  11. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    Metagamiate Move equality Nomination invalid due to account having less than five posts.
  12. Eisen's Breeding-Ready Ditto Army

    Request: Nickname: Ditto Timid | Limber IVs: 31/0/31/30/31/30 [HP Fire] Holding: gold bottle cap Deposit: Level 12 female Mareep. (A Japanese nickname from JPN) IGN: Evilprincess Message:Please trade Pokemon with me.Thanks in advance. I'be received the ditto.Thanks a lot. BTW,can I require...