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  1. FT : shiny 5iv riolu/ability capsule/leftovers

    intrested in ability capsule and leftovers. i have 5 ivs adamant mawiles and 5 ivs adamant draitini for trade
  2. Back for X and Y!

    Back for X and Y!
  3. Zebstrika

    Im just thinking that herbivore makes it have one less weakness and one more resistance. it make the zebra godly.
  4. Zoroark

    So Illusion allows it to become another Pokemon? Not Typing? Wow. LOL. Using it as a sweeper, it can put use to Illusion but other than that. I can't really see use.
  5. First RMT Offensive Based

    I say switching to an offensive Suicune, will shock and destory people. They will be unaware of the speed suicune has and be destoryed. and can't heatran take on jolteon?
  6. The Pokemon Villa - A Joint Trade Thread

    in response to your CMT wow so many pokes to look through AHHHH well i like... Cipher Admin Lovrina Calm~Marvel Scale 30/x/29/31/31/31 EV's 252hp, 200 def, 56 spdef ev'd Move set: toxic, rest, rest teal, surf semi-redis so i can trade and you cannot and Relaxed~Poison Point IVs...
  7. Eviolite

    Ha Nintendo had this all planned out . ;. lol they thought it would kill the game so they made baby verisons/ wTF lol i see alot of usage of this stone will be used in LC
  8. Serperior

    Wow, pretty good for a starter haha. It can beat Scceptile? Yes? no?
  9. Sharpedo

    This might bring it up a Tier? I say the massive attack can destory a Pokemon. 252 ATK and Speed? And really This can learn Baton Pass? LOL I like the Rugged Helm idea better haha.
  10. Dream World

    LOL we all have to realize Pokemon is targetting their main source of income on children. Guys we have to realize that! haha. Dang we are funny. We old and we play Pokemon. So I have a question? Will pokemon from dream world be the pokemon ONLY get dreamword abilities?
  11. Durant

    Only Fire Weakness? Pretty good for a bug type :D. Will Definitely make a good Batoon Passer.
  12. Arcanine

    Really Cool Excited for Arcanine. CC might bring it up to OU play more often... and boy would that be fun. I think the new sprite is kind of bad though...
  13. First Triples Battle Warstory

    So how does it feel to be one of the first on Smogon to triple battle? LOL. any special feelings. Well. playing with weak pokemans. lol i like it seems more fun.. i like the rules mentioned up there. :D you probably played an 10 year old -__________-
  14. Ditto

    This won't work. Ditto doesn't copy all the way haha.
  15. Boiling Water and Bulky Waters

    Ahha all Water Tanks now have a new weapon to replace Surf with!
  16. What new Pokemon in Black & White would you want to have in your party?

    So that's why people are using Digimon sprites? I would quit pokemon if they looked liek that... and I love Digimon and all but it's just not the same. I mean Digimon is watchable while Pokemon is not... Pokemon is playable while Digimon is not. ahha
  17. Move Priority

    Ahha weird. Im really confused now Lol. How we gonan stop some things now? with ES?
  18. Lightningrod

    Wait so which Pokemon are going to get Lightning Rod? ... Lol.. Here comes the Sp. Atk. Rhyperiors
  19. New UU List (September 2010)

    Yay. Heracross can be in UU now. I can build off it!
  20. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    CMT! Shiny Gengar (♂)(OT)(21159) Hasty - Levitate 31 | 30 | 2 | 31 | 31 | 31 : Ice 70 Counter | Hidden Power | Shadow Ball | Explosion Notes: Available EV'd only, gengar level 50 - 4 Atk / 252 Satk / 252 Spe