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  1. Andyboy

    M&M Lunala [WIP]

    [OVERVIEW] Lunala is one of the most potent specially offensive threats in Mix and Mega through its unique typing, signature Z-move, and set-up options Lunala's is able to take advantage of the lack of Dark-, Normal-, and Ghost-type Pokemon in the metagame by abusing its powerful signature...
  2. Andyboy

    M&M Toxapex [QC: 3/3] [GP: 1/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Toxapex is a unique and highly diverse wall that can utilize its regular ability Regenerator to serve as a far more efficient pivot, scout attacks, and remain healthy without using Recover constantly. This Pokemon can support teams as both physical and special tank through the use of...
  3. Andyboy

    ORAS Ubers Skarm and the Sweepers

    Okay so ubers is probably my favorite tier. It is without a doubt my best tier and previous to ORAS, I was doing great with a xy ubers team. Then ORAS dropped and I found that my succesful, battle hardened team I had perfected the use of was frankly, not very good at all anymore. I realized that...