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  1. CKBTW

    SM OU Mega Lopunny Hyper Offense

    Introduction This is my Hyper Offense team, It has a powerful FWG Core and is able to spam Uturn and maintain momentum while dealing a large amount of damage. I don't have any good peaks because I suck at batteling, But either way, Here I shall present le team. The Team Elf on the shelf...
  2. CKBTW

    1v1 Meloetta [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] Meloetta is a great pokemon in the 1v1 metagame due to a good typing and great special bulk alongside a good special attack and a decent movepool to choose from. Meloetta has access to Hyper Beam and Laser Focus allowing it to break through many bulky pokemon such as Magearna...