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  1. Tio Chico

    ORAS OU A WTF Team! - Wonder Trio Force (Peaked 1883)

    Wonder Trio Force Since I am bad with banners, enjoy this synergy Diagram Like-a-preschool Made-in-paint. Introduction and Build Process: The team was born days ago, I was thinking in building something around the Wonder Trio, so when Zapdos was proposed in OU Teambuilding Competition, I...
  2. Tio Chico

    ORAS PU Trouble Walls ft Ditto #5 in suspect

    Introduction Hello Smogon, I'm new in PU, and I decided to know this tier because of the current Suspect of Machoke. After some battles with sample times, I decided to create its own around what I like in OU, so I set out to create a stall team. Build Process I decided to start with one...
  3. Tio Chico

    ORAS OU The Night Problems [Peaked 1667]

    The Night Problems Introduction Hello Smogon community. Welcome to my second RMT. I created a team and getting good results, and I would like some opinions to improve it. I confess not having done the ladder only with this team, but it was with him that I made the final battles. This...
  4. Tio Chico

    ORAS OU The Bunny and Genius Squad! [Peaked 1648]

    The Bunny and Genius Squad! [Peaked 1648] Introduction Hello, this is my first post and RMT in Smogon, I bring a team that have greatly enjoyed using. It was formed in partnership with a clan mate, originally for Mega Gallade who was replaced by Mega Lopunny. Initially the Mega...