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  1. Shax

    Gen 2 Team Firestarter

    So after messing around with some of the other teams I decided to make a fire based team for GSC OU. Why fire based? Well it has a lot to do with the current meta being swamped by Exeggutor and Steelix plus Skarmory. Meganium also sees a lot of use. It also KOs Forretress, Heracross and Scizor...
  2. Shax

    Gen 2 SkarmBliss in GSC OU!

    GSC has had many threats and issues being still to this day being worked on on other Pokemon Forums, but setting all of that aside what is still special is the combination of Skarmory and Blissey. I've tried time and time again to make a solid team with them on it but it's always missing a...
  3. Shax

    Gen 2 Should Snorlax, or Similar mons be suspect tested?

    From the Borat post in the Item's Clause thread. I agree with Borat 1000% on what he said being a waste of time for a item clause. What is really important here is Snorlax. Or is it Snorlax? That is the question when concerning Snorlax. Is Snorlax a problem if we say unban... Mew? Is Snorlax...