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  1. Persephone

    Gen 6 SUB Mega Medicham + Choice Specs Regular Hoopa Bulky Offense

    Team Preview What's up Smogon, since my first Rmt seemed to be appreciated I figured I'd just rmt my favourite team I've been playing since around 2 years. The Team was originally made by the user Life Is A Roll, while Hoopa-Unbound was allowed in ORAS and he climbed up to #1 on the Ladder with...
  2. Persephone

    Gen 6 Adamant Heal Bell Mega Lopunny + Flocune Sand Balance

    Introduction Hey Smogon Community. My name is PersephoneXIV or in short just Pers. The team you see was made by myself a couple of months ago around February 2019 just for fun at first, since I wanted to play around with the idea of adamant Heal Bell Mega Lopunny. But now let's start with...