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  1. valetta

    i opened smogon for the first time in like 5 yrs and people are still playing this game??? damn...

    i opened smogon for the first time in like 5 yrs and people are still playing this game??? damn whats yalls problems
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    Tournament Mini Smogtour Tour (Round 1)

    won ggs
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    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    can u lowercase my name its prettier that way sure - tdp
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    Who gave u a badge lmao

    Who gave u a badge lmao
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    The Best of 3 Tournament V4

  9. valetta

    Doubles OU Stage 2 Suspect Voting

    Salamencite: keep banned
  10. valetta

    Doubles OU Suspect Process, Round 2 - Voter Identification Thread
  11. valetta

    NP: Doubles OU Stage 2 - Monster | Mence is banned | Hoopa not Banned

    So i haven't really been playing doubles lately and i didn't play in the mence meta at all but after getting reqs and faced mence in ~40 games i can say that this thing is def broken and overcentralizing and when used by a player who knows what he's doing it's pretty unstoppable. I don't really...
  12. valetta

    Metagame NP: RU Stage 10: Your Makeup is Terrible

    Wasn't really surprised with these mons getting tested, however i don't feel like they're both broken. Reuniclus i feel like is just such an easy pokemon to slap on your team, checks so many stuff, switches into and sets up on so much defensive threats that rely on status to deal damage or just...
  13. valetta

    BLT: Finals [Won by Geosenge Garchomps]

    playing around 4 est today
  14. valetta

    Resource ORAS OU Viability Ranking Thread V3 - Read Post 3451 Page 139

    Honchkrow is actually a pretty fun mon to use, and i'm glad its brought up because like a month ago i built a cool honch team and it just does exactly what its supposed to do. With a 136+ att / 118 spa / 252 spe it actually 2hkoes almost the whole tier+it forces a lot of switches with sucker...
  15. valetta

    NU The Never Used Tournament League II [ACTUALLY Won by Realistic Waters]

    Not sure if i was clear enough, i beat r0ady
  16. valetta

    BLT: Semifinals

    missed a toxic on a Groudon, a play rough on a sableye, a stone edge on a ho-oh, got burned 2 times but i still won gg dude PREACH