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  1. 666lumberjack

    [QC 3/3] Gourgeist-H

    [Pros] <ul> <li>Great Grass/Ghost typing gives her several useful resistances.</li> <li>Access to Will-o-Wisp and Leech Seed to harass and Pain Split for recovery.</li> <li>Solid 85/122/75 bulk allows her to take on rapid spinners and many other threatening offensive Pokemon.</li> <li>Frisk...
  2. 666lumberjack

    Pokémon Dragalge (HA confirmed to be Adaptability)

    Dragalge General Information Pokedex Number - #691 Types - Poison/Dragon Base Stats [Serebii] - 65 HP / 75 Atk / 90 Def / 97 SAtk / 123 SDef / 44 Spe Ability 1 - Poison Point: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with POISON when using an attack, that requires physical contact...
  3. 666lumberjack

    Togekiss [QC 3/3][GP 2/2]

    QC [3/3] 473 Togekiss [Overview] Considered to be one of the most rage-inducing Pokemon in the game, potentially even moreso than Jirachi, as Togekiss can be harder to kill. Base 120 Special Attack and a movepool that supports it lets Togekiss take on a multitude of threats and beat them...