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  1. Magistrum

    The Strumline: Sprite Interlude

    Hiya guys! This is a branch of my art thread for dumping any sprite art I've made. As opposed to traditional and digital art though, I'm a complete beginner when it comes to spriting. So any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! ^_^ Actually, be as harsh and criticizing as possible, I really...
  2. Magistrum

    The Strumline [Fakedex Project on 4th post]

    Chill out, make yourself at home. My ongoing Fakedex Project is at the 4th post of this thread. :) Currently the request-taking is on hiatus. For now. (づ◕‿‿◕)づ Hello everyone! Welcome to my humble little thread, The Strumline. I'm Magistrum. Shameless self promotion[AKA history]¬ I've been...