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  1. Inkblot

    Ink's Blots

    Hello! I am Inkblot! I am an art major, currently trying to get a degree in character design! I have done some art for my Wi-Fi Shop, so I figured I'd start sharing it here as well! (Also don't mind the bare-bones format just yet. This is very much a WIP thread) I will be mainly posting...
  2. Inkblot

    I'm Switch'n! Let's Go! ~ Inkblot's RNG abuse & Past Gen shop

    WELCOME TO MY SHOP Hey, i am inkblot, and welcome to my shop! i have been rng abusing for a few years now, and i am constantly looking for new ones to add to my collection. bellow is a list of pokemon i have for trade. My Main Friend Code is 4296 - 3407 - 0885, however, i sometimes also use...