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  1. JRank, DadRank, and werecario go to Indy (nats warstory)

    Still never going to forgive Jrank for giving Dadrank that team. But I did have fun playing him even though I got stomped!!
  2. 5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

    would like to know if anyone here would be so kind as to give me some quick lessons for RNGing for 5th gen. I learn better by doing rather than reading. Please help...
  3. Sam and Jio's Global trading station

    Hey jio, in response to a CMT request from you for my flawless bold shiny spiritomb I saw this: Jio's Buizel Jolly/ Swift Swim Ivs: 31/31/30/1/29/31. Special Moves: BatonPass If you agree I got 2 words for ya: Gimme, Gimme...LOL I will be available for trade on saturday.
  4. Joint thread: Infinity Beyond

    In response to your CMT I did not see anything sorry.
  5. Metalex's Trading Thread [Updated 3|31|2011]

    In response to your CMT: 1) yes the lunatone is from XD but I tossed it when I was able to get a better one from the game. also I looked on your thread and did not see anything but I will keep an eye on it to see if anything changes or I change my mind. Sorry
  6. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    I am putting this request here because this is not a simple question. Is there anyone online right now that can give me some quick teaching to help me learn how to use the RNG programs. I have all the things needed for RNGing dowloaded already. I just need a teacher who has the time to teach me...
  7. Gen 3 MrSableye's Emloop Guide

    this guide has been real helpfull to me so I wanted to say thanks for making it.
  8. Transformed Tradethread (unova ut/evd, synchs, & pokeshifting.)

    Sophies in response to your CMT I saw this: matt j's's japanese Giratina Nature: adamant Ability: pressure IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31 EVs: 86 HP / 216 Atk / 96 SpD / 112 Spe Moves: - Aviable: Lvl 1 ut. Definately want the level 1 version of it. Thanks.
  9. Awesome Ribbiting Joint Trade Thread

    In response to your CMT I saw this: OT-Mercury *shiny* Blastoise Bold/leftovers ID: 06127 OT: Lewis IV's: 28/5/31/31/31/31 EV's: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 SpA Surf/Ice Beam/Rapid Spin/Toxic Full Redis Might be a few days before I can trade though I am cracking the RNGing of my emerald still and...
  10. Zachmac is back

    In response to your CMT I am sorry I did not see anything.
  11. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    I am going to go old school with this question. When RNG breeding for emerald I need to know the exact place in the conversation I am supposed to hit A when talking to the day care man. I have a seed that hits at 39:85 and I need to know the precise point I am supposed to be hitting A. I am...
  12. Closed! For all my RNG abused and SR'd Pokémon, check my new thread.

    As much as I would like to I do not take things for free anymore. I would prefer to earn it. So when I get more breeds in a week or two I will ask you to look again. It is more satisfying to me that way.
  13. Closed! For all my RNG abused and SR'd Pokémon, check my new thread.

    Hey buckert will you CMT for this: #063. Abra OT: Wee | ID No.: 08616 | Gender: ♂ Nature: Timid | Ability: Synchronize | Type: Psychic Location: Faraway Place Hidden Power: N/A IV: 29/30/30/31/29/31 EV: UT | Level: 15 Moves: Teleport | Shadow Ball Notes: Semi-Redis It looks good enough for...
  14. The Laziest People in Mac Anu - The Ashi and Lebowski Thread v2.0

    In response to your CMT for the " sexy piece of rock" (I do not know if they have groups for people who think rocks are sexy but if they do please join and get help. LOL!!!!) I saw this: Lebowski's Machamp (NN: Goro) Adamant/ No Guard 30/31/29/23/27/31 252 hp/ 244 Att/ 12 speed Substitute/...
  15. The Laziest People in Mac Anu - The Ashi and Lebowski Thread v2.0

    In response to your CMT this is what I saw: Ashi's Jirachi (OT SMR2010 - ID: 06260) Adamant 31/28/13/26/11/19 8 HP / 252 Atk / 248 Speed Iron Head / Fire Punch / Ice Punch / Secret Power
  16. Riski's Pokemon Thread

    Please CMT for the EVed version of ludicolo: Lotad Male and Female versions - Swift Swim - Adamant 31/31/31/31/31/31 Egg moves: Male has Counter (HGSS)/Leech Seed. Female has Counter. Male bred for SBP 15. Comes as Level 1 Ut or Level 25 Lombre holding water stone 60 HP / 252 Atk / 196 Spe...
  17. The Emerald Empire

    Hey eppie would you CMT for this: Shiny Aerodactyl* 31 | 31 | 31 | 5 | 31 | 31 Adamant | Rock Head | Lvl 5 | Untouched | ♂ Double-Edge | Wing Attack | Pursuit | Rock Slide Thanks!
  18. Reptar's Trade Thread!!1

    I can do that just give me about 3 minutes to set up my pal pad and I will see you in the wi-fi room. Use my SS fc.
  19. Reptar's Trade Thread!!1

    Please CMT for this: Breloom ♂ Nature: Jolly Ability: Poison Heal Hatch Location: Eterna Forest 31/31/31/31/31/31 Not Redistributable Lv 50: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spe
  20. RockinX and OmegaDonut's Pokémon Privacy

    Please CMT for this: Jirachi [JPN] 31\31\31\30\30\31 (HP Ground 70), Jolly\Timid\Adamant\Modest\Naive\Impish\Careful\Bo ld\Calm Special move: Draco Meteor HP Ground is pretty good at taking out some of Jirachi's counters, like Heatran and Magnezone. I wonder why it never made it into an...